Will they survive??

I need to check a few more things.
1. Are you using a brooder box with a heat lamp?
2. What temperature is the heat lamp/heater?
3. How much space is in the box?
4. What are you lining the box with?
5. What kind of food are you going to give them?
I have 2 different ages of eggs in the incubator one I just put on lock down the others are only 5 days old how many times should I filp the younger ones.
Oh, well that definitely is not an idea situation. One side is going to get the short end of the stick nomatter what you do. If you continue to open the incubator and turn the newer eggs, that will help them but their humidity will be far to high as you are in lockdown so should have a high humidity for the other eggs. If you keep opening the incubator it will suck all of the humidity from the incubator each time you do it and will be detrimental to the eggs on lockdown. Either way, they newer eggs probably won’t make it because they will endure all of the other eggs hatching and probably 3-6 days in a very humid, wet, and bubbly environment. It really isn’t good to run two different sets of eggs at once in the incubator unless you have another dedicated Hatcher.

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