Will this be enough?

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    Ok, so just making sure that 16sq ft is enough for 4 hens. Nest boxes will be attached so they won't take up any space inside. Also an attached run, not sure how big yet. They will be mostly free range as we have a large back yard for them to cruise while I am at home. Hubby has lots of access to scraps, so I can't wait to start the build!

    Thanks Guys,
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    Jun 23, 2011
    Yes, that is plenty of room! Since each hen will have 4 sq feet, the recommend amount, and they will be free ranging or out in a run, I know you won't have spacing problems. Your hens (or future hens) are very lucky to have you watching over them and making sure they will be comfortable!
  3. Euphillia

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    awesome! Thanks for that.

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