Will this cause my coop roof to leak?


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My juvenile coop is my DH's former motorcycle shed. It's water-tight, with a shingled roof. Absolutely no leaks at all.

I want to add a weathervane such as this one to the roof:


DH said he is concerned that this will cause the roof to start leaking around the fastener holes. I'm thinking that if I pre-drill the holes and then fill them with a sealant - perhaps silicone - before securing the weathervane with screws, that it's very unlikely that it will leak around the screw holes.

What say ye?

My second choice would be a combination cupola/weathervane that Lowes sells, but it would be much harder to install.
I added the same one to my coop and have not noticed any leaks. Considering you'll put it on the ridge which is the top there will only be a little possibility of measurable water leaking through and in the case that some water does get in you can get some roofing tar in a tube and squeeze it all over the screwholes. But I don't think it will leak.
I do not recommend silicone. Once you put it on and have an issue you will never get anything to stick there again. It causes more headaches than it's worth. Stick with a urethane or butyl sealant an you will be fine.
I would just use a little old fasioned roofing cement or tar liberally applied on top of the screws, although I do agree that having it up there increases the potential for a leak.
You can get roofing tar in a caulk gun type of tube. It's much easier to apply this way and will seal better than anything else on a roof.
hubby drilled a hole slightly smaller than the pole and inserted it about 3" into the main beam then used industrial silicone to keep it from leaking.. it has been up almost 2 yrs and nothing leaking yet. we live on a hill top with 50-60 mile winds and if that won't break it loose then i don't know what will.. ours was garden decoration that husband cut down and mounted.


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