Will this Hen come around?

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    Sep 11, 2011
    I'm new to Chicken owning I currently have 1 Buff Orp, 1 Silver Laced Wyndott (currently trying to find her a new home),2 Buff Silkies, 1 Silver Polish, and my newest add in a Black Austrolorp. I just introduced the Black Austo to the flock today (I'm still keeping the Silkies and Polish in a seperate fenced part of the yard so they can be seen but not pecked the Buff Orp still hasn't gotten used to them. When I let the Black Austro in the yard to free range Daisy and Speckles seemed to except her but she wouldn't flock with them. She ran to the bushes and has stayed there all day. Now to my question will she coop herself like my other 2 do and will she every come around to liking our existing girls? I am also concerened because she is terrified of people. The farmer she was with never interacted with them so he had to catch them with nets! Will she ever get used to me? I'm thinking maybe I should sell her at an upcoming chicken swap meet or trade her for a different one. I'm concerened she won't fit in and also not sure she will use the nest box.
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    Treats may help her come around if you can close up the others so that it's safe for her to get them, it may take awhile but they really like treats!
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    Sep 11, 2011
    Quote:She won't even come out for treats. My other Hens LOVE bread and mealworms I tried both and nothing. I even attempted grapes, and cabbage but she is not interested. She wasn't treated like a pet with previous owner so I don't think she understands what I'm doing when I'm trying to get her to take the treat. My other hens will chase me down if they think I have something.
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    If you can be patient with her it will help.
    Toss out treats for all of them, even if it is just their layer pellets.
    She will eventually creep out to get a nibble.
    The others may peck at her but don't interfere.
    If you can just sit quietly in the midst but not too close to the new girl she will see the other birds are comfortable around you.
    Keep tossing out bits every few minutes or so.

    If she doesn't go into the coop at dusk you will have to wait until dark to pick her up and put her in.
    Most hens will sit very still at dark and won't run away.
    It should only take a day or two for her to learn to coop herself and integrate with the flock.

    P.S. You'll get a better outcome luring her to you. They don't like to be cornered or chased but they are naturally curious and motivated by food.(eventually)
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    These chickens really know how to teach us patience, don't they! The chickens I started with back in May 2011 are still pretty apprehensive about me, but they know I am the holder of the treats. They all come running when I come out in the yard. The only way I can pick up one of the three is because she likes to do the egg squat when I go to pet her. The other two run from me pretty regularly, but they are much more comfortable with me now compared to when I got them. I added a Golden Comet recently, which was not a fun process and a completely different story, and I thought she was going to be just as wild, but she comes right up to me and I can pick her up and she'll fall asleep in my lap.

    Maybe with some time, the BA will come around. You just never know what their personality will be like in a couple weeks. Treats are the key to a chickens heart!

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