Will this polish have a beard/muffs? And 2 week old pictures!


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Jul 9, 2013
Caribou, Maine (almost in Canada!)
Not sure if it's too early too tell if my 2 week old silver laced polish will have muffs or a beard, just curious I guess!

And just a few more pictures of the chicklets. They are spending the 70+ degree days in the coop, they have an ecoglow out there if they need it as well. We will hopefully get some outside time in as well!

Light Brahma checking out my camera

Mottled cochin takes a snooze in the sunshine

Decorated for fall!

My son cuddles his favorite, the barred rock (one of the friendliest chicks!)

Another very friendly one, speckled sussex named Eleanor

Checking out the ramp to the run, but not brave enough to venture out!

Should I be concerned that the barred rock has such a pronounced comb compared to all the others? Or do barred rocks just grow combs faster?


POOF Goes the Pooka
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Nov 27, 2009
Wilmington, NC
Somebody on this site said that when the pompom (crest) fuzz is round in shape, the chick is a pullet, and when it is oval, the chick is a cockerel. I have found that to be true with with my Polish chicks, anyway.


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