Will this solar kit and heating element work? Any off-grid or electrical buffs out there?

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    I need a yes no answer please. Will this solar kit work for keeping water from freezing with the following dc heating element? Thanks for your help.

    All I need is to keep water from freezing. I will be using a large container (10-20 gallon) with nipples. Inside my coop the temperatures stay mainly in the low teens between Dec-Feb. How I want it to work...I want to use a solar kit to keep a regular car battery charged. I want to use the battery to power a dc water heating element with a freeze thermostat set at 35 degrees. The element needs to be able to draw power day and night.
    Will the solar kit noted below work with this element to do what I want?

    solar panel kit
    Power Rating: Up to 55 Watts - Maximum rating – Under optimum conditions.
    Current: 3.6 Amps @ 15Volts.
    Works with 12V and 110V appliances and electronics with included power inverter
    Ideal kit for power failures and natural disasters
    Amorphous solar panels charge in all daylight conditions, even in the shade and clouds
    Weatherproof and no tools required for quick and easy set up
    Panels are made with shatterproof tempered glass for added durability
    Portable for easy transport
    Temperature range: -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit
    Max output complete kit: 55 Watts, 3.7 Amps
    Kit includes:(3) 18.3 Watt solar panels, metal frame for mounting solar panels, 3 in 1 wire connector so all 3 solar panels can be connected in an easy fashion, 12V DC Plug, alligator battery clamps, LED voltage tester, 12V socket for powering 12V products, 200 Watt power inverter,7 Amp charge controller

    dc water heater element
    12 Volt DC low voltage submersible water heater element - Available in 100 Watt, 200 Watt, 300, or 600 Watt, Can be used direct with batteries, solar panels, hydroelectric generators, as a wind turbine dump diversion load. You can run high voltage through the element as long as you don't exceed the rated wattage of the element, example: a 600 watt element can handle a 600 watt max solar array output of 150 volts 4 amps, example2: a 300 watt element can handle a max output of 300 watts 200 volt at 1.5 amps. As long as your panels meet or exceed 12 volt but don't exceed the max output wattage you can safely use the element. DO NOT USE GRID POWER AS IT WILL IMMEDIATELY DESTROY THE ELEMENT! Can also be used as a solar panel dump load.
    Fits standard water heaters with a 1" NPT or your own custom heater tank.

    Water Overheat and Freeze Thermostats
    Use these thermostats with our DC water heating elements if you need to regulate the temperature of the liquid you are heating. The first choice is the 35 degree F freeze thermostat which keeps water, etc... from freezing. It turns on your element before the liquid freezes at 35 degrees F (closes the circuit) and turns it off (opens the circuit) when the liquid's temperature reaches 55 degrees F. Therefore, your liquid will never freeze but you won't drain your power by heating it over 55 degrees.
    All of our thermostats can handle 50 amps at 12 volts! No relay needed! (Can handle all voltages from 12 to 220 volts, AC or DC) Opens circuit on overheat, effectively cutting power to the heater (normally closed connects). Simple in-line wiring system!
    Connections are 1/4" spade terminals. The heat sensor (reverse side) must be firmly mounted on the side of tank with screws or silicone caulking. Use 10 gauge wire for loop circuit. Uses a simple and typical "loop" circuit to interrupt power to wiring harness on overheat.
    Q. - How many watts are required to heat one gallon of water up one degree? A. - 2.4705 watts for one hour.
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    I have a similar need to use a solar kit & heating element to keep water above freezing.
    Did you ever get an asnwer?

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