Will this work for scaly leg mites?

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    Oct 9, 2010
    After reading up on another thread I don't have much in the way of Ivermectin, antibiotics etc. But I wanted to know if

    1. Can I use iodine to paint on the legs as duplicate of betadine and/or vaseline?
    2. Is trimming feathers on feet essential? I'm going to do it but want to know if the problem can be fixed without (aesthetics [​IMG])
    3. Can I hold my chickens feet in the water for longer, ie 5-10 mins to suffocate the mites? Does this work?
    4. Can I use antibacterial wipes instead of antibiotics before painting on the iodine?

    This is the first time I've ever had a problem with parasites. I am going to clean out the entire coop and spray with pyrethrum (sp?), then put some cedar chips in then cover with hay. Then will dust every area with diatomaceous earth, treat the birds and dust them. Any other ideas on how to treat these yucky mites? How long, and often do I have to repeat this treatment? Can I do it to broody hens?

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    I am no great believer in DE - I think it's more dangerous than it is helpful. But on your original question, do you mean that you don't HAVE those things, as in you can go out and get them; or do you mean you can't AFFORD those things and need to make do with what you've got?

    If it's the former, save yourself the agony of having to treat the birds multiple times and just go get the stuff.

    If it's the latter, I'd use any household oil before I'd use straight iodine, just because I know how irritating iodine can be. You can use mineral oil, linseed oil, bag balm, probably even vegetable oil if you're willing to do multiple treatments. I don't know if you MUST pluck or cut feathers but I'd guess the answer would depend on just how feathered the birds are. If they're so feathered that your medication is not going to penetrate, or so feathered that oily gunky feathers are going to do more harm than good, remove the feathers first.

    If plain water worked, then rain would solve your problem. Birds have enough oil on their skin, and the mites' chitin is hydrophobic enough, that dipping in water is unlikely to do much. You have to suffocate them with a thick application of oil or vaseline, or kill them with a -mectin chemical.

    Antibacterial wipes are not the same thing as antibiotic cream (if that's what you're looking to replace). Antibacterial wipes have a chemical in them that kills some kinds of surface bacteria on contact. They don't kill bacteria long-term and they're not meant to treat any kind of wound or infection. If you can't afford the proper thing, just skip this step and go right to the oil/vaseline treatment.
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    This is what I used when my rooster had scaley leg mites and it workded great.Dip legs in mixture of 1 part kerosene and 2 parts raw linseed oil. Repeat at 7 day intervils for 3 weeks.And I also used vasaline inbetween.I used a paint brush and painted all the roosts,that three years ago and have never had a repeat
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    Mar 22, 2010
    I use a jar of vegetable oil, and I dip the legs in it once a day. easy and fast. use a wide mouth jar for even faster application. Much easier that using a paintbrush, and it gets over the entire legs.
  6. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    I went and bought a tube of scabies cream for humans at the local pharmacy and it was under $10 and 1 tube treats about 10 chickens... feather legged breeds too! and its a one time treatment!
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    I just treated 50 or so chickens for extreme leg mites...to the point toes were coming off. You can just use vegetable oil from the kitchen. the point of the oil is to smother the mites. Water will not do it. Dip their legs in the oil. I dipped twice a week or so apart and they are now fine. I didn't use anything else on them. I was going to use ivomec pour on but they have never been wormed and I could just see me killing these poor people's chickens trying to help them.

    ETA: No I didn't trim feathers and there were quite a few silkies and such.
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