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Mar 28, 2015
My coop will have a door and the end that will swing open completely. There will be no lip at the edge where it opens. I would like to throw pine shavings inside and scrape them out when I clean the coop (into a bucket or green waste bin).

Will that work? I do not want to use poop boards ... are the shavings enough to absorb the mess? The floor material is easy to clean and can withstand some moisture. I am not sure if I am clearly stating my concern, but hopefully this is enough information for someone to formulate an opinion! lol.

I am excited that my coop is in construction! I am just not sure how the cleaning is going to pan out!

Any suggestions or info about this matter would be helpful.


6 Years
Mar 28, 2013
I like straw better than pine shavings. It seems to stay in place better and lasts longer than shavings.
Any surface you can sweep or scrape out without a lip will work well.
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May 2, 2012
my preference it for pine shavings over straw, I find the straw breaks down into dust too fast. My current load of chips in the coop is 2 years old looks almost new. Straw would have turned to dust long ago.

To keep things from falling out the door so quickly, you could add a removable lip to it. I did that to my clean out doors, I built a track on either side of the door opening and then slipped boards down into this track to block the bedding from coming out. When it's time to clean out the coop, I lift up these boards and sweep out the coop then replace the boards and the bedding.

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