Will Trade Artwork / Custom Pet Portraits for ???

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  1. I do custom pet portraits and equine artwork in my spare time (although I've never done any custom poultry portraits)...that's a mouthful, [​IMG] I have done horses, dogs, cats and even a goat!

    I'd be willing to trade one of my finished (original) equine pieces (either pictures or beaded horseshoes) OR a custom pet portrait for some hatching eggs, chicks, goslings, etc.

    The "catch" is that I'm only interested in certain (rare) breeds of chickens/waterfowl.

    The custom pet portraits will be done in black/white pencil and/or a mix of charcoal.

    I would be willing to ship my piece out first and trust the recipient to ship me out the eggs once the artwork has been received on their end.

    The breeds I will trade for:

    6+ Black Sumatras (standard)
    6+La Fleche

    I will be updating my website sometime sooner than later (hopefully)...and I can only have two more breeds of chicken...so I can only do this for two people (in theory).

    Here are some examples of my work.
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    Wow, you are a great artist. If I had any of those breeds I would love to have a picture. But sadly I don't. If I get any, I will let you know though. Have you gone to art school?

  3. Thanks! I took art classes from elementary school through college...but now it's a hobby (part time and only when I have time, which isn't very often!) I also have artwork for sale (on my website) which I've been trying to update since last week. [​IMG]
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    Oct 18, 2007
    You forgot to put BUCKEYE on your list. [​IMG]
  5. What's a Buckeye?
  6. Too bad I didnt have any of those breeds. Your artwork is amazing!
  7. Thank you Sundown! Have any silkie ducks? [​IMG]
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    Equibling - I don't have any of the breeds you're looking for, I just wanted to tell you, your artwork is amazing. I love the horseshoes, too.

    Will you have any premade sketches/drawings or horseshoes available, or are they all custom orders?

    Good luck in your endeavors-
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