Will waking chickens up to early cause problems?


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Jan 9, 2012
New guy here...great site. I leave for work around 4:30 am and was wondering if checking in on the chicken's food and water that early in the morning would cause stress or other problems. Tried the search function and didn't find anything.

I'm in the "thinking about it" stage so no birds yet. I may have to abandon the idea if waking them that ealy will be problematic because my wife is not on board with the chicken idea. I could probably talk her into letting them out into the run, but that would be about it.

Thanks a bunch
from Indiana! Nope, when it's still dark outside, they most likely won't even budge from the roost if you go out there. And if your run is covered/secure, you could probably just go ahead and open the pop door yourself, before you leave for work. However, if you don't have a secure run, it'd be better to have your wife do it later, since many preds. are still out and about at dawn.
Hi Bob, and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

No problem with checking on your girls early. It would probably disturb them the least if you used a flashlight instead of turning on the over head light if you have one, sometimes mine will jump down and start scratching around if the main light is turned on after dark, and they have a little trouble getting reorganized on the roosts when the light goes off.
Good news! Thanks for the info folks. Now I've got to get the coop and run planned out and built. We've got a lot of coons around here so security will be top priority. Looking at having 6 to 8 layers.
First of all
. There are times more so this time of year in New England that I open their door long before sunrise and fill the water outside( if the hose is not frozen,still using due to warm weather) and toss out some scratch grains. If I am headed out for an early morning hunt will do this with a cap light and they don't even move or make a peep. My DW wont have to drudge down to the coop let them out and all is right with the world(for me). Mine have food avail. all the time a well as water,if you top them off at night it wont be a problem early in the morn as they don't eat or drink overnight so its one less thing to do in the am. That way when you open the door they will go out when its light enough too see.
Thanks again for the kind welcomes and input. That auto coop door opener looks pretty slick. I'll be getting one of those.

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