Will White girl silkie and splash boy make blue or black chicks?

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    Aug 19, 2013
    just wondering what will come out the eggs on hatch day.
    breeding birds are: White Girl x splash boy and white boy.
    splash Girl and White boy and splash boy.

    I've got 2 white girls and one splash girl. all hens have been mating with both cockerels splash and white,
    when I say splash I mean dark blue grey and white.
    the white girls have come from white mum and dad. so I'm just wondering is it possible that blue can come from splash and white
    or what will hatch from the splash on splash? this is confusing me... my chickens are home pets that free range, I really don't like locking them in a run as they are not big enough to move around in, I like to give them a bit of freedom around the garden,
    thanks to everyone that takes the time in reading this or getting back to me.
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