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So, I have Asberger's Syndrome. I am exceptionally gifted at writing stories and poems, such as this one (DO NOT STEAL):

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________A young girl looked at a carousel. The animals looked happy, but only because they were molded from plastic. She knew they were sad on the inside. If only she could bring them to life…

The little girl slowly wound her way through the dividers. Happy child, after happy child, rushed forward to claim their favorite carousel pony. She smiled half heartedly at the excited faces of the children, gripping the carousel poles with tiny hands.

She made her way around the carousel once, twice, and finally a third time to see that all but the carriage was filled up. With a sad sigh, she lies down on the bench and shuts her eyes, wishing the ponies could hear her pleas to step from their platforms and flee the carnival.

Round and round the carousel went, the music but a soft thrum in her ear.

"Why can't you be real? Why can't you just run and play like other horses?"

Round and round she went. The music seemed almost to skip a beat. Perhaps the track was bad. Before long, it almost seemed to sound like hoof beats and tail swishes. A warm breeze caressed her cheek. Opening her eyes, the muzzle of a large buckskin stallion blocked her view.

"Am. Am I dreaming?" She asked rubbing her eyes with balled up fists.

The stallion nodded gravely; motioning with his head to Palomino Unicorn, molded to resemble a circus pony. Blue ribbon was threaded throughout her elegantly styled mane. A small herd of multi colored horses, Unicorns and Pegasus stood behind her, nibbling at the green grass.

"Yes, young one, this is a dream. I brought you to our world because I heard your cries of sadness for us. It means a great deal to us when one as young as you shows a great kindness towards us. But please, do not fret. We may seem hollow and lonely, but we are not. The love and joy of children make us live; they make us who we are.

As long as we have children who love us, and want to come see us, we will forever be young; we will forever fly free with the birds and run with the wind in our hair. For without you, we are but plastic molds. You give us life. So please, wake up and remember us for who we are; care givers and play mates."

The carousel seemed to come to a jolting stop. Somebody must have forgotten to grease the rotors again. The little girl sat up with a yawn. It was just a dream. How sad. She stood to leave, petting each horse as she walked by. With a small gasp, her hand fell upon the last pony within her reach.

She was a beautiful palomino pony, dressed to mimic a glorious circus horse. Attached to her saddle was a small banner- anyone else would have missed it; written in small cursive writing were these words:

"We live on."

With a smile, the young girl wiped a tear from her eye and bade the mare goodbye- promising to return for one last ride, every night for as long as she is able.

Like it? Good! I will write stories and/or poems for $1 each 300 words. I don't care if you turn my work into a book, so long as you pay for it.

Now, I cannot guarantee you will like the future stories as much as the one above, but I can guarantee that if you don't like it at all I will redo it!

I have a minimum order of $2.00/ 600 words for a story, 50/$.50c words for a poem (can discuss that via PM)
I will do as much/as little as you want as long as I have time for it.

Do not click the "Buy It Now" Button, as I will hopefully be doing many of these!

Please PM me or email [email protected]!

Thank you!

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