11 Years
Feb 28, 2012
East Texas
Went to my local feed store today to pickup a new waterer and feed for my girls. They had three pens of fuzzybutts setup inside with baby ducks, BO's, EE's and some other breeds. As I stood there and looked at them had to tell myself I already have more than I supposed to have and walked away. Wish I lived where I could have more, maybe I could move. ARRRRRGH
That was very Strong of you !!! I rarely am able to make it even under threat from hubs ... But at this point he doesnt even know how many I do have so I can sneak one or two or 3 lol
I have bad timing and have never seen the little fuzzybutts at any local feed store... I always miss out of the little cuties!! But you should be so proud of yourself for "just walking away..." Not sure that I could do the same! I just got my first chicks/pullets on Sunday - 6-week olds. So, they are in that funky sorta fuzzy, sorta feathery stage. Still super cute and they still peep! That is my new favorite noise :)
that stage to me is like when children get there big teeth lol .. That was awesome will power RonC maybe you should reward your self with something special .. like a little Chick or a Duck : )
It was tough. I was out in the run setting up the new waterer and heard a new sound. One walked half up the ramp, looked at me and said pooock. My little girls are getting big. I miss the peeps.
I wish you had the ability to have more .. I am so lucky that I do as I have NO Will power !! And just ordered Guinea keets.. and added Turkey .. I could easily go crazy If I didnt have my husbands voice of reason Barking at me ..

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