Willy the dog might make something of himself yet!

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    Sep 18, 2011
    I am rather proud of him for two things actually, the kids are staying the night at their "aunt" Audrey's tonight, and I have nothing to do ha!

    so i figured I'd share

    Out of all five of our dogs, Willy, one of the youngest has shown the least promise in the live-stock protection role, I am rather happy that the other dogs have taken up, I don't EXPECT them to, nor are they trained, they just do, it started, actually, with Grant when he was a few months old, he saw his first raccoon, and had it up a tree within minutes, Frank the old pittbull has always been, yeah what ever I don't care what happens,Shasha likes to stand off at a distance and bark, letting the boys do the real work ha ha!

    and Caddy, well, her train of thought is more than likely "nothing is going to kill the chickens because I want to do it!"

    so, I called the dogs into the house just an hour ago, Caddy,Brant,Shasha and Frank, but no Willy

    so I call him again, no dog.

    so I head down the drive toward the road, he's kind of dense, and there is currently a road-kill deer no one had bothered to drag off the road and it's pretty ripe by now [​IMG], so I walk to the end of the drive and call to Willy, expecting him to come running from the direction of the deer carcass, stinking to high heavens, and covered in rotting deer bits, no instead what I found, heard rather, was a rather comical attempt at baying (which leads me to believe willy and caddy have some hound dog in them as well), and there in a scraggly tree on the side of the road, looking rather irritated was a Gray fox! perched awkwardly on one of the thickest branches, it looked just like a cat,Willy tree'd his first....fox?, I was proud either way, and so because I am trying to teach the dogs some Irish

    "Buachaill maith Willy!, Agus tĂș ag buachaill maith!"
    "good boy Willy!, you're a good boy!"

    to my surprise, that tail just starts wagging!

    the dumbest of my dogs may just turn out to be the best one.
  2. turney31

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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    Great story! [​IMG] I hope you hang around.
  3. PitterPaws

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    Nov 29, 2007
    [​IMG] It's always the one's your not to sure of that usually surprise the heck out of ya!! [​IMG]

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