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Apr 7, 2020
Ashland, Oregon
Hi everyone, we’re getting close to finishing our first coop. Would love some input on where to put windows and ventilation. We’re in Southern Oregon where it can get up to 100 in the summer (92 here today!) and mostly down to the 30’s at night, but with rare dips into the teens. Here’s a photo of the coop so far. It’s 4x6, will house 6 chickens. The close side will be the roost side with the external nesting box on the opposite side (the extra framed out bit). The human door is the short side, it already has a 1x2 cut out lines with hardware cloth (using a reclaimed door from a friend’s old coop). Any suggestions appreciated. Biggest concern is if a window on the roost side will cause a draft. (Extra photo to show Penny inspecting her future home).


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Impossible for us to know if that window will cause a draft. You need to assess the wind directions at the coop location to figure that out.

Alternatively you could put something like an awning style cover over it, to help blunt any draft that might come through (and during summer prop it fully open to let in extra air). Cold isn't really an issue at your location but you wouldn't want winter winds blowing right through the roost.

Your remaining ventilation should go up high, like under that big roof overhang. Because heat is an issue, I'd aim to go over the minimum recommendation of 1 sq ft per bird.

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