Windows in the hen house


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7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
So my ladies are still not walking up the ramp into the hen house at now wondering if it is too dark in the hen house. I have no windows....only ventilation....and with the roof is very dim ....even during the day...and dark at dusk.... is this the issue?
Sorry I can't help you, mine go in just fine, and it is gloomy in their coop. I did lock them inside and not let them out for about 9 days before the run was ready, so they definitely knew where to go
UPDATE: Ok so I was a doting parent of my gals... last night a friend stopped by...the sun set and when they left I went out to put the ladies in the coop/henhouse...well...they went in on their own... I think I was just not giving them enough time to go in on their own.....
I think a window would be a good idea especailly if the chickens have to spend any daylight hourse indoors, seems like having a view would cut down on pecking and other bordom behaviors. Our brooder has a window and my chicks all line up in front of it waiting for me in the morning.... well they all used to line up in front of the wiindow until they got too big now they need to take turns...

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