Windows, roosts, and winter

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    This is my old barn that we're converting to a nice coop.

    It's overall size is 18.5' X 14', and the chickens have 11' X 13.5' inside. You are looking at the southeast facing wall. I want to put windows in, but I also would like to put roosting bars (all at one level with poop shelf for easier maintenance) on this wall.

    I have two goals for the windows: let in natural light and better ventilation, esp. in summer.

    1. Would putting a roosting bar near good, insulated windows be a plus or a minus during cold winter months?
    2. If a minus, could I put them up higher than the roost, maybe with a box over to keep cold from dropping onto them?

    Or... other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    As long as there is no draft I don't see any problem as long as it's not the only place to roost, I'm going to assume there will be multiple roosting spots in a shed that big, love old sheds, my chickens fight over the sun in the winter, and chickens are pretty good of finding the right spot to roost if given a chance, I have some that go up 20 feet to roost in my pole building, they slowly climb their way up on different fences.
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