Windstone retired brown Dragons


Unbreakable Heart
10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
alvarado, Tx
The shipping is $25.00 because it will be sent in 2 boxes.
These are the Mother, Father, Fledgling and the baby in the retired brown collection.
I will not split them up, they are in excellent shape, just dusty.
This is not a smoke free, pet free home.
I do know how to pack Windstones I have sold a little of my collection over the years. They were my favorites and now I collect other things.
Paypal only please.

Wow, they're gorgeous...

I collect dragons, but don't have many Windstone ones. Always admired them, though. If only I weren't a college student with, y'know, no money (hey, some stereotypes have gotta be true, right?) I'd buy 'em up in a heartbeat.

Good luck finding a good home for them. ^. .^
Thanks, the female is my oldest I have had her for close to 30 years. It is really my chickens are taking over.

You wouldn't believe how much chicken stuff I get for presents. They are everywhere.
I said to the Family can yall find some pigs or cows maybe.
Haha, yeah. A rule I learned from my grandmother: never tell people you collect something, unless you're certain you will forever. You'll never get anything but for the rest of your life.

After she died, we discovered that her attic and basement, not to mention just about every display surface in the house, were filled with elephant sculptures.


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