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do you wing band your turkeys for identification and, if so, what do you use? i've used and really liked the Jiffy style bands for my chickens, but they aren't big enough for turkeys. i've got 2 Royal Palm poults and 2 Bourbon Red poults and i need to find something that will work as well as the Jiffy bands and be as permanent. ideas/suggestions?

(especially good if they work for geese as well)
really? interesting. that's the size i have, but they seem as if they'd be so small on a turkey... of course, i've never actually been up close and personal with a full-grown turkey before, so i'm just guessing.

what age do you put them on your turkeys?
I've been using Kuhl leg rings but they keep falling of my turkeys, so I'm am thinking of using Wing Bands, Anyone here have experience using wing bands on turkeys...good/bad?
What age do you band your turkeys?
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So the Zap straps are basically cable ties? I put one on a turkey hen to see how well a cable tie would hold up, it's been on her for about 2 months now, I'll probably try cable ties on a few more of my older turkeys. The problem with young turkey poults is that they grow so fast you really have to be watching those leg bands or they'll start cutting into the leg, even the kuhl leg rings will cut into the leg, I've seen it.
Yes they will cut if not done correctly.
Had one slip once around the back toe and I noticed the limp in the bird.
Cut it off, cleaned it and put another on the other leg and the next day the limp was gone.

With poults I use small ones and as they get bigger I replace them with bigger ties.
You can us the different colours as coding also.
And they are very cheap.

I have some on my birds for two to three years already.

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