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    This is the second year in a row I've got two escape artists. The golden campine I can understand. She weighs 4 pounds dripping weight and she's S-M-A-R-T but the ameraucana makes me scratch my head in wonder. That girl must weigh about 6 pounds, I mean she's a big girl. How in the world is SHE getting her self elevated over a 7 foot high fence? I've watched her. She does it!

    Anyway, I've clipped one of each of their wings. Last year I clipped both of their wings time and time again cuz they kept getting out. How far down can you safely clip a wing to keep them from flying over the fence? I thought just doing one side would solve the problem but it didn't so then I did both wings. Still didn't work. Jeez, how hard can it be to get it right? [​IMG]
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    Don't clip both sides, that sometimes makes it easier for them to still fly. If only one side is clipped, they become sort of lopsided and can't fly.

    Cut their primary flight feathers about 2/3 of the way down. It seems like a lot of feather to be cutting off, but it works.

    There's actually an article here on BYC about it, with pictures.
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    THANK YOU! I have seen this illustration before and it looks as though you clip the flight feathers even with the other feathers (which is what I did). But when I look at the photo, it is clear that the flight feathers are much shorter than the rest of them. This was my problem [​IMG]

    Last year when I desperately clipped both wings I realized it just helped them to fly so I didn't make the same mistake this year.

    I will trim the flight feathers shorter and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again!

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