Wing clipping?

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    Apr 11, 2007
    My older ladies taught my girls and Christopher William the benefits of jumping into the next yard for all the presents their yard bestows...those neighbors don't mind...but behind their yard is a home with 2 pit bulls, and I don't want them to go into that yard next.

    I ended up being 15 minutes late for work rounding up chickens the other day.

    So...I've been reading up on the wing clipping...but I read somewhere about if you clip a blood feather, you've gotta pull the blood feather out???

    If I leave about 1.5 inches on each flying wing, I shouldn't get into that situation, should I?

    I hate to clip them, but this could get out of hand fast...we won't have money/materials for a new run until tax time next year.

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    I was told to only clip one wing as it thows flight attempts off balance and works better. My EEs are strong fliers. I had to clip mine to keep them from jumping into the dog lot... to unfortunate ends. I lost one bird before clipping and haven't lost another since. Hope it works. Doggone-it, sometimes the buggers can still fly!
  3. So...I've been reading up on the wing clipping...but I read somewhere about if you clip a blood feather, you've gotta pull the blood feather out???

    Yes if you clip a blood feather you have to pull it out. Blood feathers are a feather that is still fully covered in its shaft or the feather is still partcially inside the shaft. Cutting it cause vast amount of bleeding think of it like a straw connected to a vain. I use pliers to pull them out. My Parrot sometimes breaks his, they are not that hard to pull out. You have to then squeeze the area you pulled the blood feather out to help seal it shut.

    Here is a good link on wing clipping too.... Care&sub=wing clipping

    Editied to add link but nevermind I posted the link below for you!!​
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    There's no reason to cut into a blood feather on a chicken, The blood part of their feather is very distinct so you should easily be able to tell where feather is and where blood is. It is much harder on tiny birds like parakeets and such. But yes, if you do clip into the blood feather, pull it out.
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    Good luck with it. I clipped my ducks when they started flapping low across the yard, and I clipped all my banties and my SSH today because they were getting out of the yard.

    I used to clip my parrots, too, which was how I learned. I didn't have any trouble with the chickens or ducks at all. One pullet this AM had a feather growing in that must have gotten pulled sometime. I just skipped that one and cut all the rest.

    It might be a good idea to have something on hand to grab the feather and pull it out if you somehow DO clip a blood feather, just to set your mind at ease.

    I hope it works, for yours AND mine! A couple of mine were pretty strong fliers, so I hope I got the job done well enough.

    (And they are out there now still fighting over the feather tips ... thankfully not eating them but anyone will take a chance at convincing the others that they have some special wonderful treat!) [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    May 11, 2007
    Beware- I clipped one wing on my hens and they still fly just fine- so I clipped the other as well- 2 can't fly the other four still do.

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