Wing injury. Dislocated? Broken? Urgent!


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6 Years
Oct 10, 2015
New England
Someone help me.
I’m soo mad at my rooster right now:mad:
A leghorn cockerel lives in the same coop as my rooster. Normally I don’t put males together, but since the guineas in the other one don’t get along with the cockerel, I put him in with my rooster. Bad idea. They got along till now, and ironically, I was going to take him out in a few days.
I found him hiding in a corner of the coop, all bloody and scared out of his wits. Normally he hates me, but he barely protested when I picked him up. His comb is ripped up, his wing dangles and makes a grinding noise when I move it, and he seems like he’s in shock and doesn’t want to stand.
I know my rooster did it because he has blood on his beak.
How do I know if the cockerels wing is broken or dislocated? What can I do? I’m seriously so stressed out. To many problems.

Please help me.
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