Wing Joint Injury? Birth Defect?

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    May 2, 2009
    We have a little Leghorn pullet whose elbow joint on her right wing is enlarged and has a dark blue/green color. The part of the wing from the tip to this joint is the same color as the joint. She doesn't feel any pain when I touch it or move it around; she does have feeling in it, though (I tested it with my fingernail, and she flinched). It is not hot, and it does not seem to be filled with any fluid or anything that would immediately suggest infection. When I move it around, I can feel it "cracking" a little bit. She can't move it or control it from what I have seen; she lets that part of her wing hang down most of the time. However, she can still fly pretty well (she has normal feathers and pin feathers on it) and is getting along alright with it. She is healthy in every other way; she is energetic, eating well, and growing well. She is on the bottom of the pullet's pecking order, though. She has had this for a at least a month or more, but she was behaving so normally that I never thought to look at it until now.

    Does anyone know what this could be?

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