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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hi! We have 7 hens (NO roos) and of course, one is the bottom of the pecking order. This poor hen is all pecked around her shoulders and her back is a little scrunched up where one of the other hens mounts her. She has not been pecked until bloody or anything, they don't peck her bum. It just seems like every time she gets near somebody they just give her a peck. They are all about a year old, but this has been happening for about the last 5 months. They have plenty of space, protein and I have purple hands from Blue-Kote. [​IMG] Anyway, in my "trying to research" I found info on people making saddles with wing protectors. Do they work for this type of issue? Please let me know what experience you have had here. THANKS!
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    Sorry to hear about this problem your having. It's not unusual at all. And I would say that hen saddles would be just what the Dr ordered for this case. Heres a link for ya. and hope they soon stop picking on your little one. And I can't say enough about bluekote, and my hands can speak for themselves.

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