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    First off let me say that I know this does not work on all breeds from my research. And I plan on waiting to see once my babies get older for characteristics of male vs female.

    But for my knowledge and learning, I have a project hatching for some hopeful Olive eggers. Daddy was an EE BCMxAmeraucana and momma is a BCM/possible blackstar cross if not a BCM, however she shows black star characteristics other than the feather legs. I am hoping daddy carries the olive gene and has passed it on to the youngters (if not it is okay I love my babies anyway [​IMG]).

    Is it possible to wing sex possible OE's or evem BCM or Black stars? In my research i can't find anything particular that says so all I can find is what the "pattern" is supposed to be for male vs female (i.e. IiIiI for females and iiii or IIII for males.)

    Is the pattern correct? If so and if you can wing sex for these breeds than I am praying out of the 4 hatched so far 4 females but I have 1-2 in question. So the wait and see game lol which I know the 50/50 ratio is more likely. Just hoping for some females from the cross to see if the pairing worked for OE!

    Thanks In Advance for the help [​IMG] You all are the [​IMG][​IMG]
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