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    » N E W S
    MorningStar has made a very important announcement that will change situation of WingClan (and add some more excitement [​IMG]). The clan is getting ready for a long journey to find new land after the disaster that left them with little supplies. To clear things out, here is the speech:

    MorningStar hopped up onto the jagged rock above the cave, crowing to gather all of the clan's attention. "WingClan," he thundered. "SunFlight and I have made our decision. We shall set out for new land next dusk. Though we do not know when we will find our official homeland or how long the trip will take, it will be better than staying here in this desolate wasteland. Our food rations have been dangerously low lately and clean water very scarce, therefore we must begin to gather goods for the adventure as soon as possible." He paused, scanning the audience with crest-hidden eyes. "I have discovered a small clearing higher up in the cliffs that has been untouched by the disaster several hours ago. We will need the clan's most sure-footed and best fliers to get there for us, to gather the plentiful amounts of food from its bushes and water from its pond. As this happens, I shall appoint several others to search for the missing and the allow the rest of you to find as many unharmed food, water, herbs, and other useful items for our trip." MorningStar stopped once again before finishing the small speech. "May StarClan be with us through our hard times."

    » R U L E S
    - Common sense. ALL BYC guidelines and rules apply.
    - Respect.
    - Inactivity. Please participate, and have fun at it too. Chickens inactive for a period of more than a week will be deleted, unless a valid reason shows otherwise.*
    - Practicality. Be realistic. A chicken cannot run into a Bunch of Cats an come out unhurt. An apprentice cannot have a mate, a chick cannot defeat a senior warrior and a chicken cannot magically come back to life.
    - Medicine chickens may have a mate, but no chicks.
    - Please do not spam or advertise unless you are given the privilege to.
    - Please do not join and then never come back again. It's disheartening and quite difficult to manage.
    - Please do not roleplay another player's character for them.

    »P R O P E R C O M B A T & F I G H T I N G E T I Q U E T T E
    -You may not instantly kill a player.
    -Play fair and be realisticly strong. For example, a five-pound hen cannot cripple a ten-pound rooster with a single kick.
    -You may not instantly recover like magic.
    -You may not be invincible. If someone attacks you, you've been wounded!
    -No creating new characters to pop out of nowhere and assist, whether chicken or not. Wild predatory animals are a big no-no; like wolves or eagles. It's an unfair advantage, and unlikely that a chicken would ally with such a creature.
    -No magical chickens.
    -Only one attack/blow per post. It makes things easier to manage.

    » S E A S O N

    » T E R R I T O R Y
    Tranquil sunlight dapples the ground, poking gentle fingers through whispering leaves. It warms you up , creeping up your feathers, swirling around you. The forest is alive with song, making its way into your heart, echoing within. Twisted shadows dance, lurking in the trees, flickering in the corner of your eyes. You choose to ignore them, for doubt turns away from the path of victory. You concentrate on the soft, pale green grass pressing coolly into your feet. You concentrate on following a tiny gurgling river, winding its way through the trees. You are walking. Walking with no thought, yet walking with no doubt. You have been walking for an eternity; time did not exist. Your feet are sore from all those days. Yet your mind guides you down that invisible path, and you know, just know that you are getting closer. Around a small rose bush you turn. Through half-closed eyes, you jerk your head up, defying the will to sleep. And you stop. A chirp escapes you, resonating through your body, warming you up. Ahead, it’s beautiful. The land has opened up. Trees space themselves out and give way to wet, pebble-coated land, shimmering in the light. The river snakes up into a small waterfall. The land is covered with grass and plants...

    ♦ The river - A tiny, shallow river teeming with life, which stretches through most of the lush green forest. Silvery fish lurk in its shallow depths, as well as water voles, otters, crabs and other sea creatures. Moss and useful herbs grow in its depths and around it.

    ♦ Star bridge - A grand old willow that fell from a strike by lightning, which now firmly lays against the other side of the river. So-named for the belief that one can contact StarClan easier here, some birds claiming that they can while awake.

    ♦ The Tangled field - A field with grasses so tall that they reach the throats of the birds who walk through them. Though as plentiful with herbs and medicinal weeds, this field is dangerous because of the snakes that crawl through it.

    ♦ Whispering falls- Full of life and song, the waterfall is surrounded by a calm, tranquil aire. Birds often come here as a thinking-place.

    ♦ The dust holes - A flat, dusty clearing with multiple craters and clefts where birds may dustbath and bask in the morning sun.

    ♦ Dreaming Oak - A massive hollow tree, wide but not tall, forming the sleeping niche of apprentices, warriors and elders. Apprentices (closer to the ground) and warriors (higher up) sleep on nests in the forks of its large branches, shielded from the rain by its thick leaves which grow everlastingly. The elders sleep in the warm hollow of the oak, shielded by an entrance of ferns.

    ♦ The food den - A large and sturdy den constructed of weeds, twigs, and mud. Inside is fresh food for all to share, which is replenished daily by the clan members.

    ♦ Medicine Den - Formed from three great trees. Over many moons, the trees have intertwined with each other to form a sturdy, sheltered canopy and hollow. Shelves in the bark are used for storage, and other herbs may be grown at the roots snaking inside the den. The base is made up of soft moss, leaves and petals, and is cushiony and warm.

    ♦ Nursery - Made of woven brambles, the nursery is always pleasantly warm and sheltered. Repairs must be made once a moon. (Under construction!!)

    ♦ Leader's rock - A huge rock jutting from the ground, enveloped in soft moss, sitting close to the spring. This is where the leader makes clan announcements.

    ♦ The Underground Stream - Small yet spirited, an underground stream shapes the source of the waterfall and the spring. It is unknown to the clan cats, though a slight rumbling of moving water can be heard drifting in the distance.

    -Joining forms-

    BYC Username:

    NOTE: These names are in warrior format. No, "Sunshine", Sunshineflower is how it goes. If you are a warrior you do Owlflight, Leaffern, etc., for example. Apprentices' names end in 'paw', and chicks' names end in chick until they reach maturity (6 weeks of age), and the leader will anounce their new warrior names.

    MorningStar - A large, sturdy White-crested black Polish rooster with a crest so volumous, long, and large it is his most stood out feature. His black feathers are quite sleek, giving off a slight green tint along his wings and tail and occasionally chest. MorningStar takes on a very well groomed, handsome appearance, making most of the hens around him swoon. The rooster, however, does not plan on having a mate any time soon. He is neither lanky nor completely buff, being within just the right amount of muscle. His spurs are long and sharpened, often used to ward off or injure his foes effectively. Very strong. He is a good, kind-hearted leader, as well as very wise for his young age. He was born and raised in WingClan. (Zinnia-Hen)

    SunFlight - Very good fighter, knows how to survive under must conditions and limitations. He is a young medium sized rooster with the average feather coloring appropriate for his breed. Sunflight is a kind, wise, slow to anger yet quick to fight rooster. He was a WC member before the disaster but got lost in the middle of it and couldn't the the camp 'till now. Sister to TanleafPaw. (crazyaboutchickens)

    AutumnLeaf - Sturdy, bright yellow legs, with short dull spurs and long sharp talons. His body is slender and sleek, with bright beautiful colors. His neck is layered with small, sleek feathers of dark yellow. On his chest, soft brown feathers cover it. And on his back, deep red, dark blue, soft black with a green sheen layed his back in an unruly style. His thick legs are half covered with soft black down. Normally a happy chicken, almost always has a smile on his face. He isn't one to like alot of action, and never made the cut as a warrior, so he prefers the quiet life of a med chicken. He's always willing to give a helping wing. He lived a peaceful life as a backyard chicken, having a safe home and plenty of hens who adored him. He was eventually given away to another home for breeding purposes. Sadly, he never had any offspring, but had a lovely Aurtrolorp Hen as his mate. His coop was destroyed one night, after a bad storm, and he was swept off into the woods. AutumnLeaf eventually found WingClan. He longs to find his old mate, but knows he may never as she was saved by her owners. (chickendiva25)

    Freewhey - His appearance is that of the average La Fleche, satin black feathers and ruby-red V-comb and face. He is large for his breed, but not enormously so. He is not one to take matters of dire seriousness, very seriously. Never goofs off on the job, yet makes plenty a smart remark. He is caring in his own ways, even if they are slightly off the norm. He came from a farm, vaguely. The owner of the small estate bought a bunch of chicks one day, as a kinda spur of the moment thing, and chucked them into his backyard. Some died, some lived. The only protection from wild animals came from the neighbor's trees, across the road. In the end, he was all that remained, his chick-mates having either fled or died. It was a testing life, yet he beat it and broke free. (Gerbil)

    FortLander - Speckled brown, sturdily built, and quite the feather shedder. She seems a bit cold at first, but truly has a heart of gold. Never lived in a clan before, as she born a loner. (ray's two cents)

    WaterFlame - A tall Delaware rooster with sharp, deadly spurs. Can become hot tempered but is normally pretty sweet. (DuckLover2399)

    HoneySuckle - She is very sweet, nurturing, high-spirited, loyal, trustworthy, and cunning Buff Orpington hen. A very experienced fighter and can fly very well, agile when engaged in battle. In addition, she is a great mother. HoneySuckle narrowly escaped death when it was her time to be slaughtered for meat. She then fled to WingClan. Her life has been filled with much misery. (pekinduck<3er)

    Bloodfeather - Vibrantly crimson and deep orange striped feathers. Large single comb and long wattles. He is rumpless. He has one sharp, very long spur on each leg. He has willow green legs. A modern-day Chile Araucana. Loves a good fight. He is straight-forward and doesn't believe in 'sugar-coating'. He believes that if you set your mind to something, you can make it happen. He is best at catching grasshoppers and fighting and escaped from a ship from Chileto travel up to WingClan. His family was killed by snakes and now he despises all snakes and attacks any that get near him. (horsecrazychicklovingkid)

    Dewcloud - White back, tail, and hackles. She has white and red speckled breast, shoulders, and underside. She has bright yellow legs and a pretty cushion comb with exquisite hazel eyes. She is very exploratory. She is terrified of being left on her own and greatly enjoys the company of other birds. Her personality is sweet and charming. She is very motherly and watches out for younger birds. The hen is best at taking care of others, especially young ones. She supposedly became separated from her clan, brood of chicks, and mate and was never able to find them again. Dewcloud is always on the lookout for motherless chicks that she can take as her own. A Red-shouldered Yokohama. (horsecrazychicklovingkid)

    CentralStation - Very large, quite intimidating-looking chicken albeit with a friendly smile. Can appear very forward and pushy at first, loves to be the leader and organiser. Was one of the original camp members before the earthquake. (Ray)

    Spiderlegs - A big, tough Shamo rooster with lustrous black feathers and a sturdy build typical of the breed. His comb is dented and bruised, while his left eye is completely torn out. Several nasty scars can be found along his body. Spiderlegs once lived as an illegal fighting cock, struggling as he was hurt very often. He escaped before being set to fight with one of the baddest, meanest roosters out there, fearing for his own life. He eventually found WingClan and was nursed back to health. Despite his rough past he eventually learned to love again, and is quite the softie at times. A loyal warrior. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Skytalon - A cream rooster with gold-orange feathers in his tail and wings. He has gold muffs and a beard and is a very large bantam. His thick legs have a bluish tint, and he has one blue eye and one brown eye. He is slightly cocky, and proud, but actually quite sweet under his tough exterior. He is a very good fighter. (Quinn4321)

    Amberstorm - A grey and black speckled hen with a slim, yet muscular body and sharp claws. Often becomes irate with little effort and does not make friends easily. She trusts very few, is quick to fight, and isn't afraid to challenge someone for a high rank no matter who they are. She is a talented fighter and her claws are very accure when engaged in battle. Amberstorm was born and raised a rogue. (HollyBird24)

    Briarlight - A reddish brown bay with golden-buff and black markings on her hackles and main tail feathers. She is leggy and thickly built. She relys mainy on her intelligence as she’s not very strong relying mainly on speed, her feather footed legs and her red-brown feathers act as camouflage. Briarlight’s a Buff Brahma, Partridge Chantecler cross and was hatched “illegally” at a hatchery and Mudchick is her chick. (Lofty Dreams)

    TanLeafPaw - Mostly brown with a reddish sheen on her wings and golden-brown neck feathers. She is kind, sweet, but sometimes very stubborn. Born a loner, has a very strong will to survive. She is a Rosecomb Brown Leghorn. (crazyaboutchickens)

    Gempaw - Small, appearing to be a part Phoenix if not completely. All of her feathers are rimmed in silver and her legs are a sooty gray. She has one visible scar on the right side of her face, a simple line that is neither ugly nor distracting. While she stands proudly, she wears a grim expression for one so young, she has seen battle and blood shed before. (Gerbil)

    Olivepaw - Solid black with a beautiful beetle green sheen illuminating every feather with a touch of indigo; a black Sumatra pullet. She has a flaring temper and will go head-to-head with any bird. She is very fierce and has the makings to be a fine warrior. She is a superb flyer and is a nice fighter. Nobody knows why she came here, or even where she came from. Has a thing for flowers. (horsecrazychicklovingkid)

    Rainpaw - A Plymouth Rock cross. Her feathers are barred gold and white in most areas, with hints of both grey and black in others. Her legs are big and powerful, as are her wings. Her claws and spurs are unusually large. Though kind, Rainpaw can be quite sassy and rude if you're in her face. Not to be messed with. The pullet's parents were both loners. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Icepaw - White with a black tail and mostly black hackles that have a tint of lavender coloring. He has a single comb and a small beard with sharp black claws. His personality varies but he's usually positive and smart, but clumsy outside of things he knows. Was ordered from a hatchery as a white Leghorn but is really a Leghorn Americana cross. (LoftyDreams)

    MoonStone - A speckled Sussex. She is bossy and gets irritated easily, but is occasionally friendly. She respects authority and looks down on those below her. An excellent broody; not a great fighter but can fight suffiently. Was once a hatchery chick, but escaped from her new home out into the wilderness. (PolishSilkies45)

    EchoHeart - Her feathers are a soft creamy white, and her body is very graceful, being a Yokohama. She is a kind and caring hen towards her chicks and loves to see them thrive, but cannot wait until she can go back to being a warrior again. Very generous. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Skychick - Dark slate head, lighter underfluff with large golden feathers covering the blue fluff on his back. A lemon-blue Cochin. Nice yellow legs and heavily feathered feet. He has a good-sized single comb and wattles. Shy, cautious, and unaccepting to strangers. He is good at smelling out water and finding fresh grass. Skychick doesn't remember anything about where he came from or how he got here, at least, that's what he says. Extremely canny. (horsecrazychicklovingkid)

    Redchick - Red and speckled, very thin. Bold like her mother, but actually stops to think before she acts. Fathered by a rooster going by the name of Sydenham, but he's gone now. (Ray)

    Briarchick - Both EchoHeart and Spiderleg's chick. His feathers are a dark charcoal color, with hints of white blended in here and there. Likes to act like the top dog around the nursery, though he is normally punished for doing so. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Furychick - Brairchick's identical twin sister, aside from the fact her eyes are a stunning crystal blue. She tends to ignore her brother and does her own thing happily. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Mudchick - A curious and natural trouble maker. Fluffy brown chick with two stripes running down her back and a ring around her eyes. She has a disappeared sibling and hatched in Leaf-fall, her mother is Briarlight and her father is a Speckled Sussex. (Lofty Dreams)


    DECEASED BIRDS (StarClan):

    EchoHeart x Spiderlegs. Offspring; Furychick and Briarchick.

    RunningLily - A spotted hen. She is shy, cold hearted, and often hot tempered. The hen is a great fighter, flyer, and singer. (miss heny)

    Opalstone - Skin black as ink with ebony feathers to match, all glazed with a breathtaking nacreous shine that reflects a broad spectrum of color. Due to his recent Ayam Cemani ancestry, he has an upright, leggy, and muscular gamecock build with the lean-ness of the Green Junglefowl. Solitary and placent, usually wearing an expression that seems to range anywhere from neutral to moderately annoyed, with an occasional smile. Opalstone mostly keeps to himself due to his disability. Few have the patience to try talking to him, so he leads on a rather lonely life. He wears an experienced, calculating head on his shoulders, and it frustrates him greatly when he is coddled due to his muteness. Extremely swift, cunning, light-footed, and agile. Born mute, but luckily, with a strong will to live. Most of his life has been quite solitary and secluded, and he has learned to accept this over time, for the most part. When he was shipped from his home in Java to his new one in America, his owner became enraged that he was scammed with a mute bird and attempted to cull Opal to use as a table bird. Gildedwing narrowly saved his life when the axe was swung. He is a Hitam Bekisar. (BirdNut)

    Gildedwing - Sleek, sparkling alabaster with a golden sheen that is especially prominent on his wing coverts; hence his name. He has a large, sawblade-shaped red comb with a white stripe on the front. Dumb with all the worst things, smart with all the best. For Gildedwing, there is no in-between. Gildedwing can be rather pathetic at times, though it's difficult to be angered with his rash thinking when you realize that he really does mean well. He constantly wears a manic grin. He's pretty well-rounded as far as abilities go, and is graced with large spurs, but isn't very agile. He came from a breeding farm in Java, was shipped to America, where he escaped with Opalstone. He saved Opalstone from near-death when an axe was being slung at his throat. Opalstone's diligent translator, and, in his own eyes, a close friend to him. A Mutiara Bekisar. (BirdNut)

    Saur - A large blue Sumatra rooster, with greyish feathers and three long spurs. Very dangerous and to be avoided at all costs. His abilities include killing or driving away any beast that messes with him. Bloodrages, where he wounds an animal to the point of it bleeding, then kills it and anything else around until he comes back to his senses. He used to be a part of Wingclan, until he became too dangerous, begining to lose his sense of who was freind and who was foe. He has one chick who still lives in Wingclan, Spurchick. He killed his mate in a bloodrage. Saur occasionally enjoys a feast of snakes and frogs. (SuperChickenDude327)
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    RunningLily eats some food she has gathered with summer
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    We're starting out with new characters, just keep that in mind.

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