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    (Banner thanks to miss heny!!)

    » R U L E S
    - Common sense. ALL BYC guidelines and rules apply.
    - Respect.
    - Inactivity. Please participate, and have fun at it too. Chickens inactive for a period of more than a week will be deleted, unless a valid reason shows otherwise.*
    - Practicality. Be realistic. A chicken cannot run into a Bunch of Cats an come out unhurt. An apprentice cannot have a mate, a chick cannot defeat a senior warrior and a chicken cannot magically come back to life.
    - Medicine chickens may have a mate, but no chicks.
    - Please do not spam or advertise unless you are given the privilege to.
    - Please do not join and then never come back again. It's disheartening and quite difficult to manage.
    - Please do not roleplay another player's character for them.

    »P R O P E R C O M B A T & F I G H T I N G E T I Q U E T T E

    -You may not instantly kill a player.
    -Play fair and be realisticly strong. For example, a five-pound hen cannot cripple a ten-pound rooster with a single kick.
    -You may not instantly recover like magic.
    -You may not be invincible. If someone attacks you, you've been wounded!
    -No creating new characters to pop out of nowhere and assist, whether chicken or not. Wild predatory animals are a big no-no; like wolves or eagles. It's an unfair advantage, and unlikely that a chicken would ally with such a creature.
    -No magical chickens.

    » S E A S O N

    » T E R R I T O R Y
    Tranquil sunlight dapples the ground, poking gentle fingers through whispering leaves. It warms you up , creeping up your feathers, swirling around you. The forest is alive with song, making its way into your heart, echoing within. Twisted shadows dance, lurking in the trees, flickering in the corner of your eyes. You choose to ignore them, for doubt turns away from the path of victory. You concentrate on the soft, pale green grass pressing coolly into your feet. You concentrate on following a tiny gurgling river, winding its way through the trees. You are walking. Walking with no thought, yet walking with no doubt. You have been walking for an eternity; time did not exist. Your feet are sore from all those days. Yet your mind guides you down that invisible path, and you know, just know that you are getting closer. Around a small rose bush you turn. Through half-closed eyes, you jerk your head up, defying the will to sleep. And you stop. A chirp escapes you, resonating through your body, warming you up. Ahead, it’s beautiful. The land has opened up. Trees space themselves out and give way to wet, pebble-coated land, shimmering in the light. The river snakes up into a small waterfall. The land is covered with grass and plants...

    ♦ The river - A tiny, shallow river teeming with life, which stretches through most of the lush green forest. Silvery fish lurk in its shallow depths, as well as water voles, otters, crabs and other sea creatures. Moss and useful herbs grow in its depths and around it.

    ♦ Star bridge - A grand old willow that fell from a strike by lightning, which now firmly lays against the other side of the river. So-named for the belief that one can contact StarClan easier here, some birds claiming that they can while awake.

    ♦ The Tangled field - A field with grasses so tall that they reach the throats of the birds who walk through them. Though as plentiful with herbs and medicinal weeds, this field is dangerous because of the snakes that crawl through it.

    ♦ Whispering falls- Full of life and song, the waterfall is surrounded by a calm, tranquil aire. Birds often come here as a thinking-place.

    ♦ The dust holes - A flat, dusty clearing with multiple craters and clefts where birds may dustbath and bask in the morning sun.

    ♦ Dreaming Oak - A massive hollow tree, wide but not tall, forming the sleeping niche of apprentices, warriors and elders. Apprentices (closer to the ground) and warriors (higher up) sleep on nests in the forks of its large branches, shielded from the rain by its thick leaves which grow everlastingly. The elders sleep in the warm hollow of the oak, shielded by an entrance of ferns.

    ♦ The food den - A large and sturdy den constructed of weeds, twigs, and mud. Inside is fresh food for all to share, which is replenished daily by the clan members.

    ♦ Medicine Den - Formed from three great trees. Over many moons, the trees have intertwined with each other to form a sturdy, sheltered canopy and hollow. Shelves in the bark are used for storage, and other herbs may be grown at the roots snaking inside the den. The base is made up of soft moss, leaves and petals, and is cushiony and warm.

    ♦ Nursery - Made of woven brambles, the nursery is always pleasantly warm and sheltered. Repairs must be made once a moon. (Under construction!!)

    ♦ Leader's rock - A huge rock jutting from the ground, enveloped in soft moss, sitting close to the spring. This is where the leader makes clan announcements.

    ♦ The Underground Stream - Small yet spirited, an underground stream shapes the source of the waterfall and the spring. It is unknown to the clan cats, though a slight rumbling of moving water can be heard drifting in the distance.

    A fluffy Andalusian rooster with muffs hanging almost over his eyes greets you with a respectful dip of his head, "Welcome, to WingClan. I am CloudStar, the leader of WingClan. Please join us, and we will honor you for your loyalty, strength, and faith." he motions a wing to the vast and lush green camp, "Make yourself at home."

    -Joining forms-

    BYC Username:

    NOTE: These names are in warrior format. No, "Sunshine", Sunshineflower is how it goes. If you are a warrior you do Owlflight, Leaffern, etc., for example. Apprentices' names end in 'paw', and chicks' names end in chick until they reach maturity (6 weeks of age), and the leader will anounce their new warrior names.

    BrightStar- A kind, wise, and adventurous Rose Comb Brown Leghorn Cock. He has several odd golden streaks on his neck.He Is a good fighter, knows a little about medicine, and can survive by himself if needed. He is also Redsatinsky’s long lost brother. (Spockety-Spock)

    Kernalcorn- A 2 1/2 year old large White Leghorn Cock with 2in long spurs. A cunning and wise rooster and will fight for the ones he loves and cares for. Has a soft spot for chicks and is a flirt sometimes with the ladies. He Can fend for himself and is a good fighter. He Was attacked by a bobcat which broke his middle toe on his left foot when he was a few months old, giving him the nickname Ol' Crooktoe. He Was taken away from his flock at around 4 moons old and has been alone ever since until about 2 months ago. (Attack chicken)

    Thorntalon is the medicine hen of WingClan, and she is a small, and young Barred Cochin who is fluffy and possesses talons resemblant to thorns. She is good at caring for others, very patient, and mellow. She is skilled in first aid and is stronger than she looks, though she'd rather be healing wounds than fighting. She was a Hackleclan chick about a year ago, but left as soon as she could to seek out Wingclan. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Willowbreeze is a very beautiful white leghorn with a slim body and fluffy, pure white glossy feathers. She has long yellow legs with long, sort of dull claws. Her eyes are a deep, souless black. Her beak is a dull yellow, but sharp. Willowbreeze is very kind, but usually quiet and keeps to herself. She is more than willing to help someone out if they are in need, but is not a leader and depends on others to take that role. She ecscaped from an abusive owner, and wandered for a long whilte until she came upon Wingclan. (chickendiva25)


    CloudPuff- A pale blue, lightly laced and fluffy Andalusian rooster who is extremely serene and holds supreme inner strength. He escaped from a hatchery through a fault in the machinery, and he soon found WingClan. (whiteflare)

    GreyPhoenix: A sweet and kind peachicken who can be very deadly when in combat. She is in the US from ireland searching for a new life, after having mentored the rooster StoneWing. Her parents were peahen and chicken mixes, and she is CloudStar's mate. (miss heny)

    Rainsong- She is a beautiful blue-gray Moorhead Owlbeard hen with a face that is splashed with black, and that weaves into the blue-gray by mottling that lessens as it reaches the base of her neck. Her beak and legs are slate gray in color, and her eyes are calico because of blindness in one, the blind one a faint ice-blue with a faded, foggy cobalt pupil and the other one a slightly deeper blue color with a black pupil. She often wears the silken violet scarf of her beloved mother. She has an interesting story; she was born into the small and little-known clan of GrayWood, when, at a young age, she witnessed as a horde of teenage hunters invaded their camp. There were many casualties, but she was spared when a mysterious cock rescued her and brought her to safety. She was brought to an eagle mother who'd recently lost her daughter to poachers, and he knew she was desperate for something, or someone, to fill the hole. The eagle raised her along with the last of her own brood, and Rainsong grew up learning their secrets to flight, battle, and hunting. She can now fly exceptionally well, and they've taught her how to rely on her other senses to aid her in seeing flawlessly despite the blindness in one eye. She is extremely empathic, can literally sense danger before it strikes, and she can envision short scenes of the future in her dreams. (BirdNut)

    Starshine- She is a petite porcelain hen, with black feet, dark skin, and a black beak. She is a mixed breed with Serama, Silkie, and D'Uccle in her lineage. She is small, and a good flier. She is shy with strangers, energetic, fun, sarcastic, brave, and sometimes temperamental. She is good at catching insects, and a ferocious fighter despite her small size. She was born in a hatchery, sent to a home, dragged out by a fox, but she ecaped it's claws and came here, and decided to stay. She has a crush on CometFlight, which he is unaware of. (Quinn4321)

    Rosebud- A bantam-sized black australorp hen who is afraid of most roosters larger than her, unless one of her friends are around. She is very energetic and loves to catch and eat fish. She is also eager to learn, and a good flier. She met GarnetRose in a forest, but finds her a little annoying. She is also good friends with MidnightGem, and has a bit of a crush on LeonIva. (thecphoenix)

    Silvermist- A White Leghorn hen who has pearl white, glossy feathers. Her legs are long, yellow, and spur-less, with short but sharp claws. Her eyes are a deep yellow, and her crown is so large that it flops to one side. Although her beak is clipped past the point of no return, she has sharpened it into a lethal weapon. She is shy, and unsure about forest living. Despite being timid, she has the courage and loyalty to do what it takes to preserve her clan. She never sees her own merit, but tries to emulate those around her. She can maintain a cool head in a crisis, and rarely gets angry, though sometimes annoyed. She fell off a truck transporting a batch of battery hens to a new facility. She found her way from the Thunderpath to Wingclan territory, and has stayed there ever since. She likes to work out solutions through mediation rather than conflict, if possible. This makes her a good Wingclan member, but a horrible Hackleclan or Shadowclan prospect. (Blue_Myst)

    Inkblaze- She is definitely not your average hen. She is a Paint-colored showgirl silkie, with fluffy snow-white feathers that are dappled with black spots. She may appear as huggable, feminine, and even weak to some, but under all of that fuzz is a lot of muscle. The little hen has an advantage with her appearance, how it fools others into thinking very little of her. She is incredibly strong, and can inflict remarkable damage to even the largest of birds when in battle. She loves to tease, and she can actually be quite sassy. She will not take an insult without throwing a clever remark right back at you. She prefers being with the boys, and not for the purpose of attracting a mate, but because she finds their strong, ornery personalities more appealing to her. She came from ThunderClan, but was bored with the monotony and wanted to try a new clan. (BirdNut)

    Brownbar- A brown Rose-combed Leghorn, with some flecks of red and green mixed in his feathers. He is joyous yet perilous, wise yet young, alert yet at times, he is lazy. He is a strong warrior with long spurs, and he is always alert. He is another member of RedSatinSky's family. (Crazyaboutchickens)

    Patchwork- A handsome Tolbunt Polish rooster who is unusually large for his breed and weighs a total of fifteen pounds, and a lot of it is pure muscle. He is fairly quiet, extremely overprotective of the clan and fiercely loyal to Clawstar, but he is a gentle giant who cares about nothing more but the happiness of others. He loves his sister dearly and protects her diligently. He is rich chestnut with odd, randomized flecks of white and black, with some few feathers here and there having a uniform Mille fleur pattern. Born in SwiftClan, he left with his sister, both having the desire to merely test which clans they liked most, with WingClan ranking at the top.

    Rainbowflight- A beautiful Tolbunt Polish hen who is averagely sized with long, slender legs and unusually prominent spurs that are still short compared to a rooster, but longer than many hens. She is blessed with the ability of slow, but high and long-lasting flight that is graceful and nearly effortless. She is social, enjoys the company of others, and always strives to be an optimist. She is sister to Patchwork, above. She longs for a companion and secretly holds a crush on Brownbar.

    Bluemoon- A slender, yet still rather rounded little Old English Game bantam with Mille Fluer patterns. She is bold and sassy, and she likes to help herself. She possesses a powerful beak and can bite really hard, she can fly well, and she is a good huntress; her favorite food that she forages being worms. She was born in a 'chicken mill' on a blue moon night, and lived there some time before escaping and stumbling upon WingClan. (Zinnia-hen)

    CycloneTail- A big, muscular black Sumatra rooster with a very long, sweeping, tail and beautiful golden eyes. His feathers are very shiny and have a purple-green tint on them if the sun hits it just right. He is a caring and loving rooster if treated nicely. When underestimated he's completely different and can be evil, wicked, and hot-headed. He doesn't like bratty, disrespectful chicks. His spurs are very sharp and can draw blood easily with just one poke. He is easily mistaken for a bird of prey when flying due to his size and swiftness. He's also an amazing scavenger.
    He was born in the desert, where his parents and the rest of his siblings were killed by a rabid coyote. Not too long after, a vulture who saw the whole attack from the sky had came down to eat when she noticed the lone chick. She brought him to her nest with her other chicks and raised him there; which is why he was taught to fly so well. Eventually he was set out to live on his own when he was captured by some two-legs who brought him down to the forest where they lived to eat him along with some other chickens they managed to find in the forest. He escaped when it was his turn to be devoured, and lived his life as a rogue until now. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Fernflare- A perfectly rounded, slightly chubby, and robust little Barred Cochin rooster. His eyes are a rich ember color. He is very tranquil and quiet, and he can be very helpful at times. He almost never argues. He's not to be underestimated for his peacefulness, as he's also very powerful. He left HackleClan when Thorntalon; his sister, became a full-fledged medicine hen for reasons he won't tell anyone. Lived his life as a rogue with his mate MoonMist, a gorgueous silkie hen and had several chicks. One day all of them were gone, leaving him with only Hollychick by his side when he awoke at the morning. They decided to leave the area, as it was too dangerous now. While walking a few miles out from the WingClan area, the kidnapper recognized them and left them bloody and nearly dead. Thorntalon found the two and nursed them back to full health. He decided he'd stay at WingClan. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Heronwing- a small Ameraucana hen with puffy brown cheeks, gray-brown feathers with blue and gold streaks, and gray legs. She's quiet and thoughtful, and always thinks before she speaks, and loves a good debate. Any heated argument, quarrel, or fight makes her feel indignant and unbelievably strong. (WC'ers, don't argue in front of her!) She is looking for romance and tends to flirt with roosters that catch her eye. She's been looking for a mate for ages and hates laying eggs, because she knows that they are infertile. She eats her eggs because of this knowledge. Heronwing was hatched in the Murray McMurray hatchery and was raised in a backyard chicken coop, but she was locked out one night and never bothered coming back - she took QUITE a liking to WingClan. (DutchGirl)

    TysonToe- A whitish, brownish, and blackish tiny Serama Cock that holds his tail up high, and a charming little rooster who loves to help out. Can fly long distances and has very good eyesight. He was taken by a raccoon when he was just a little chick and rescued by Kernal and taken under his wing.
    (Attack Chicken)

    WoodsNymph- A tiny Serama/Japanese quail bantam hen with a very dainty figure. Though she seems very feminine, she is also fully capable of battle, and suprisingly well due to her Thunderclan heritage. She can move very swiftly, effortlessly making her blows in what seems to be but a blink of the eye, though it takes several blows for the puny hen to inflict the same damage an averagely-sized bird would. WoodsNymph left Thunderclan to forage, when one day, a human saw her and thought she was a lost pet. Taking her back to their home, they found it fascinating what hybrid she was, and began taking her to fairs and shows. She was famous for a while, but she did not enjoy the fame as much as her owner, and escaped, where she found WingClan. She decided that she didn't like ThunderClan's strict ways as much as she liked WingClan, so she decided to stay. She has a neatly fanned tail that is a solid black, brown and tan-barred wings with black flight feathers, and lovely striped feathers along her neck, back, and saddle. A very small, pale single comb adorns her owl-masked, round head, with almost unnoticeable pink earlobes. She is charmingly sweet, friendly, social, and calm. (BirdNut)

    LeonIva- Pure black exept for a brilliant white diamond right in the middle of his forehead, when the sunlight hits him it looks like he's wearing armor. He appears to be vicious but is truly sweet. He will defend anyone, and anything. He can protect and destroy just about anything. Has very keen vision and hearing. LeonIva Was found wandering through the woods. Used to be owned by Two-legs. He also remembers a stump and axe to which the Two-legs refered to as the 'chopping block'. Saw many close friends and relatives murdered on it. Escaped by luck as the stump was greatly dented from the swing of the ax and slippery from fresh blood. When it was his time, he slid off and ran. Got his name from his birthday and mother. He is a Leo, and his mothers name was Iva. (duckluv)

    Winterfrost- A white Modern Game/Onagadori hybrid hen that was born Leucistic, meaning that she lacks necessary chemicals to give her very bright skin or feather coloration. Her legs and beak are a light ivory, her face is a pale pinkish hue rather than the normal vibrant red, with eyes and feathers that are perfectly white. She has a shapely figure, but yet she is extremely tall and suprisingly muscular. Her lineage has some remote Cornish blood in it, and that's one of the reasons she's so well-built. Phenomenal in battle, her ability is her strength; she can inflict blows that inflict incredible damage, even on birds who are larger than her, which are few. The best analogy one could use for her is the "Amazon woman of the chicken world", for her beauty and behemoth size. She is honest, merciful, and just; but she would willingly fight to the death if there is a need.

    MoonGlow- A Mutt hen who is practically invisible with her brown, black, and white camouflaged feathers. She's typically rather quiet, but when she wants something, which isn't that often, she sounds like a siren. She also catches mostly her own food and places what she doesn't eat in the food pile for the others. While she was pecking her way out of her egg, a meteor fell not far away and shook the shell open; hence her name. Believed to be magical by some. (duckluv)

    Sunpuff (Known among the clan as Deathpuff, a self-given nickname)- A small, lanky Buff Silkie Cock whose ego is so enormous, that he is a self-proclaimed hero. He envisions himself as a mighty warrior that all shall bow down to in reverence. (Gerbil)

    QuickClaw- A very vibrantly colored Crele Brahma rooster; having bright orangish barred hackle and saddle feathers. His primaries carry that same pattern, while the rest of his body has mostly black and white barring. He only has one wing and is rather lanky and thin, for a Brahma. He is adventurous, brave, daring, funny and independent. He can run at incredible speeds, and is very strong. He just didn't like the rather solemn life he had at the farm, so he left for the forest to explore and make himself a new life. He lost his wing in a nighttime raccoon attack, when he couldn't see well enough to fight back. His owners were forced to amputate it. This does not seem to bother him at all, and he adapted well. (BirdNut)

    Redsatinsky- A fully feathered Rose comb Brown Leghorn Hen. She is a good worker, agile in battle, and a good forager. She also has limited knowledge in medicine. (Crazyaboutchickens)

    Iceberry- A brave hen with a very strong protective instinct to protect her Clan and its members. She is Black-Tailed White Japanese bantam pullet that is able to fly really high. Her mother was killed on the nest, and she was raised by her father. (ChickieBooBoo)

    OwlMint- An Ameraucana with dark Patches of Grey, with white and a greenish tint everywhere. He is Sweet, Loving, Energetic, and awesome at jumping and climbing. He is a very good flier that was attacked by a cat as a chick, injuring his wing, but now it's better, and he suspects that the Cat must have helped excercise his wing, as it is stronger than most chickens. (44Wolves)

    Cometflight- A stunning Gray Junglefowl cock with a narrow, tight, and very long tail of black, with highlights of royal blue when struck by the sun's rays. Plumage of beautiful colors and flashy patterns adorn his slender, yet well-muscled body. His legs are a pink-tinged horn in color with prominent, sharp ivory spurs and claws that he uses deftly in battle. He is calm, reserved, and personable with a cool head in crisis. His life has been a treacherous journey from the beginning. He was born unto a loner father and a clan-born mother. Since his father was a loner and couldn't see himself joining a clan any time soon, his mother had no choice but to visit he and his father outside of the clan, and he lived without a mother for long periods of the day, as well as struggling to keep a low profile and not arouse suspicions or rumours that his mother may be partnered with a non-clan member. When they were togeher one night with their son, Cometflight, a wolf tackled his parents, leaving his father to fall to a gruesome fate and his mother to suffer from fatal injury. Cometflight savagely attacked the wolf and managed to scare it away, yowling and whining into the woods. It was soon afterward that his mother had healed and he decided he was old enough to make his own decisions, and he left to seek a friendlier, calmer clan. WingClan fit this criteria, and so he stayed. (BirdNut)

    Thunderwing- A large, muscular gray and black colored Serama/Japanese bantam mix Cock. He has long, strong legs and sharp spurs he utilizes well for fighting. He holds his body much like a Serama, except he is much bigger. He has two completely different personalities, depending on who he is around; he can be both nice and mean. He has a very blunt opinion on life, its either to kill or to be killed. He gets angry easily and sometimes has a hard time controling his temper. He is extremely loyal to WingClan, and he is willing to do anything to protect it and its members. He was born into WingClan, and his parents are Iceberry and Tysontoe. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Willowfeather- A small, beautiful blue-gray and speckled Japanese/Serama hybrid bantam hen with piercing blue eyes. She inherited the small, upright body of a Serama from her father and short, slate colored legs from her mother. She has a long, large tail of black and blue feathers that tower over her head and form a graceful arch behind her. She is gentle, kind, and soft-spoken, like her brother Lionpaw. She doesn't talk very much, but takes in everything by listening. She is smart for her age, and she has a very good knowledge of herbs and their uses but the Clan already had a Medicine chicken and Apprentice so she was forced to train to become a warrior. She usually doesn't like fighting, but has the ability to if she needs. Being charming, talented and extremely attractive, she has a nack for attracting males. Her parents are Iceberry and Tysontoe. (ChickieBooBoo)

    RuheEnde (Nicknamed 'The Black Rose', most commonly called by 'Ruhe') A Jersey Giant/Barred Rock cross hen who has a peculiar spotted pattern to her plumage. The spots are black, and she has stripes that go through the spots, like the stripes are a string, and the spots are beads upon the string. She is sometimes prissy when around mud, a tad somber at best, and she enjoys cloudy, or stormy days. She is extremely good at Botany, and making hybrid flowers, hence her nickname 'The Black Rose'. She escaped from a urban twoleg area, only to find herself in a worse place where food was scarce, then came into Wingclan territory with a broken wing. (EE Lover:))

    Garnetrose- Garnetrose has a fiery red body and a somber black head with golden amber eyes. She has long strong legs but she is not very big. She has beautiful patterns in her feathers, and is very beautiful. Garnetrose has a radiating personality. She is cheerful optimistic, and very caring. But sometimes she gets very angry and will get really aggressive, which is why shes good at fighting.She is an excellent flyer, she has a natural sense of direction, she knows what herbs and plants that will help heal wounds and shes not afraid of anything. When she was cracking out of the egg, her parents weren't there, no one knows where they were. As soon as she had cracked her way out a owl swooped down and picked her up his talons. Garnetrose was saved by the owl because just behind them was an eagle trying to eat her! The owl flew strong and well and eventually the eagle gave up. The owl flew with Garnetrose back to his hollow, where three little chicks were scurrying around, the mate was out hunting. The Owl's name was Soren. Soren and his mate Gylfie brought up Garnetrose as well as their 3 other owlets. When Garnetrose was fully grown she wanted to leave the hollow and search for her parents, Soren told her she was still welcome to stay but Garnetrose wanted to move on. But how was she going to get down, it was a massive fir tree? Garnetrose had not been brought up by chickens so she didn't know she couldn't fly. She'd seen Soren and Gylfie flying into the sunset. Now it was her turn. She spread her wings and dove out of the hollow. She didn't so much fly she kind of skidded from one branch to another until she landed with a thud at the base of the tree. A hen called Rosebud fluttered over and carefully picked her up, she took her to WingClan. Her best friend is Rosebud. (channonchickens)

    SickleClaws- A large, muscular, and somewhat stocky-figured Cubalaya-Thai game mix. So named because of his sickle-like, curved ebony claws. He has an interesting story; he was born in the woods where an evil clan, named BlackWood and under reign of Midnightstar, took his lone and injured family under their wing, merely trying to butter them up and make them work for him. Noticing a marked advancement in SickleClaws' fighting skills during training, he was given his apprentice name one moon earlier than most. Planning to make this his best warrior, he trained SickleClaws day and night. When he passed on, he left the remainder of SickleClaws' training to be done by his son, DarkStar. One day, he was given a task that was beyond what he was willing to do. A hen was thrown to his feet, whom DarkStar claimed was a traitor, and SickleClaws was commanded to kill her. He could not. Even harsher than his wicked father, DarkStar had his medicine hen concoct a drug of sorts; one that would make him a drowsy, almost zombified bird. So when the test arose again, he flawlessly passed it. He was then referred to as, "The weapon" or "The beast" and was used extensively for attacks, both large and small. The medication was over-dosed when he began to disobey once again, and of course, along followed more treatment. His nerves and brain are permanently damaged from his life, so now and then he will twitch his head, an eye, or a toe, and he is rather moody. Overall, he is friendly, kind, and patient, but it's best not to geton his bad side.(BirdNut)

    Nightwhisper- A large,heavily built cock with a gypsy face and hardly visible comb. Nightwhisper has a large scar across his right eye,covering most of the right side of his face. He is also missing a few toes from battle. He has a game-like appearance with a very long,flowing tail. Nightwhisper has large claws,which are like talons and huge triple spurs. His black feathers shine purple in the sun-light,but at night he is barely visible.Nightwhisper is usually a gentle,smart chicken who loves to help out. But,sometimes can become easily angered and frightened. He also loves to fight with other birds, especially during battle. Nightwhisper is an extremely great flier,and can jump to the top of some of the largest trees. His large claws give him quite an ability to fight,and he usually attacks from above. He can take on most chickens his size,but if they attack from his right side,he is vulnerable because he is blind in that eye. He can also jump across very long distances,and is very stealthy. Nightwhisper's parents were both rouges. He was born in a large,abandoned barn in the country-side. When he was about 6 months old,his mother was attacked by dogs and killed. He and his father managed to fend them off,but not without a cost. Nightwhisper was blinded in one eye and lost a few toes. His father,however was uninjured. Soon after,they moved to the forest. Eventually,Nightwhisper's father was taken by a pair of Two-Legs who captured him in a net. Nightwhisper soon found Wingclan and joined them,willing to seek company and protection.
    (The Turken Lady)

    IceRose- A bantam Lakenvelder hen with unusual blue eyes, and a usually shy demeanour. She can, however, be very fun to be around and a great fighter despite her small build. Icerose arrived when she was a chick,alone and hungry. No-one knows much about her history,not even herself. (The Turken Lady)

    Honeyclaw- A sweet, trustworthy Ancona hen who is black with a green sheen. She is, however, rather cunning and a good fighter using her speed and agility. Her mother had her in the forest with her other brother and sisters, but one day a fox attacked and ate all her brother and sisters (pekinduck<3er)

    RiverWhisper- A salmon faverolle who is very strong, brave, and understanding, but needs to work on her stealth. wink, wink She has always lived in WC, and just became a Warrior. Appearance does not matter to her. (equinehugger3)

    Angelfeather is a black breasted red Araucana hen. She has two huge double tufts and is rumpless. She has willow green legs and her eggs are fat and blue. Her iris' are dark yellow with a small ring of red-orange fire in the middle of the yellow, her pupils are large and black. Don't be fooled by her gentle appearance, she's as good a fighter as any rooster. She would never hestitate to pull a feather or two from an annoying clanmate. She is a very fierce fighter, having spurrs, which is rare but not unheard of. Her rumplessness gives her the ability to run very fast, leap into the air, fly very high, and squeeze into very small spaces. Despite what some would think, her large tufts aid her eyesight; she can see to the sides and behind without alerting whoever she is watching. She would and has killed to protect a brood, whether hers or not. She despises show-offs. Her past is not open for discusion with any bird. She is very canny and extremely intelligent. She is down-to-earth, bold, and out-going.

    Snowstorm- Snowstorm is a Blue splash D'anver rooster with streaks of rust in his feathers. He is a fierce, bold, brave, and courageous warrior. A superb fighter, his mindset is 'Bring it on' and he is afraid of nothing. He is 26 ounces of pure fury. He used to live in a cage until he surprised the human by attacking it and escaped. His favorite saying is "BRING IT ON WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". (This chicken is dedicated to my roo, Snow)

    Wildheart- This outgoing, friendly rooster's plumage is mostly made up of flaming orange that reflects hues of golden in bright light, his underparts and his tail solid ebony with highlights of emerald green. His wings are bronze with coverts of mohogany, and his slate-gray legs are long and thin with prominent spurs.
    Wildheart loves to be where the action is. He loves to have fun, and tends to be good at getting people to have fun, too. He is a bold risk-taker, thrill-seeker, and very adventurous.
    Being pure Junglefowl, he is very slender, and is not affected by captive breeding's reduction of flight by increased body mass in comparison to wing size, therefore he is very aerodynamic and can fly much faster and higher than most chickens. He was the adopted son of Graystar of Swiftclan's father, after the lone little cockerel was found wandering alone. After an incident of his step-father betraying him, he was so enraged at him that he left. He sometimes regrets this decision, and talking about it today is hard for him.
    Because of his past, Wildheart detests traitors. (BirdNut)

    Starlightpaw- A Silver Sicilian Buttercup pullet with a crown comb that fits perfectly on her head, with stunning golden feathers that glimmer in the sunlight. Her tail feathers are a little on the long side for a pullet, but soon she will grow into them. She is very smart. She is good at quick thinking, but because of this she sometimes makes the wrong decisions then regrets it. She hopes one day to be a great warrior, and a good mother but doesn't see how she can do these things together. She learns things quickly and is a little shy. She can also be very stubborn at times. She would be good with medicine, as she learns fast, but her dream is to be a warrior. She can run quickly hold a lot of wqeight, for a chicken; she can also fly far if needed. She grew up with her parents in a small woods, and her parents kept her away from others, so she is shy. When she was just still little in her teenage years, her parents defended her from a hawk. They hid her well, so she survived, but her parents, unfortunately did not. She grew to adulthood by herself though she was still very young she managed to keep herself alive, but she had a few really close calls. She wandered unkowingly onto the edge of the territory of the Wingclan. (Moomee56)

    Moonpaw- An averagely-sized pullet whose build is on the slightly more muscular side like her father, with pearly white feathers that have thick, black barring. She has wide, prominent muffs and a short, full tail. She basically appears to be an 'Olive-Egger' with feathered legs from her father, QuickClaw. She is shy, sweet, and very serene in nature. (BirdNut)

    Bronzepaw- A tall, slender, and very attractive pullet. She's very energetic, playful, and loves to joke around like her father, QuickClaw. She enjoys being the center of attention. She appears a Crele Brahma hen, but with prominent muffs like her mother, StarryNight. Her willow-colored legs are clean of feathers. (BirdNut)

    Briarpaw- Partridge Chantecler and Buff Brahma cross hen that has a brown body and buff laced hackles and tail coverts on her. She is quiet and thinks things through before acting, she escaped from a breeders place where she was teased always running away from her problems. She is a fast runner because of this. (Lofty Dreams)

    Slatepaw- An inquisitive, aloof, and very smart young pullet. She is down-to-earth, and very helpful. Her feathering is Silver-laced like her mother, but her legs are partially feathered with long 'vulture hocks', and she, unlike her sisters, has no muffs. Her build is average. She prefers not to battle, even as good at it as she is, and she wishes so much that she could be a medicine hen. (BirdNut)

    ThornPaw- ThornPaw is a pure black mixed breed of unknown heritage with a scar running vertically across his right eye, and he has cold amber eyes. ThornPaw is mature for his age, has dark plans for the future, and he always seems to be contemplating something. He is extremely loyal...for now at least. He is an excellent fighter and will gladly kill anyone if he is told to do so. ThornPaw is from the sinister NightClan. Thorn never knew his parents, his egg was kept warm by coals. He was stolen from his family while he was still an egg. (thecphoenix)

    Bluejaypaw- A blue-gray Cochin bantam pullet with bold black bars on each wing. Her belly is white, and she can be easily mistaken for a huge Blue Jay because of her similar markings. Her comb is tattered and barely visible due to Frostbite, and her tail is literally blue. She's a sweet, caring hen and strives to be perfect. She is often found in the woods, talking to the birds, which she understands with grea accuracy and can mimic well. She is also very noisy, and great at flying straight upward. She was granted a second life by StarClan, and was originally Moosechick. Now, Moosechick lives in Starclan, but controls Bluejaypaw and her actions. (44Wolves)

    StarryNight- A generous, quiet, joyful, overprotective Silver-laced wyandotte/true Ameraucana cross. Silver laced pattern of a Wyandotte, but the more petite build of the Ameraucana. She also has the beard, and is a large fowl. Broody. She has Great mothering skills, and powerful hearing capabilities. She was born and raised in the forest. She has had multiple experiences and some confrontations with foxes and raccoons, but nothing really exciting. (BirdNut)

    Hazelchick- A Old English game bantam cockerel with a chipmunk pattern, brown mask, and gray legs. His chest is chestnut brown with cream, while his wings and tail are coffee-colored. Being an OEGB, he is much smaller than the other chicks. Shy at first, but makes friends easily and is a bright, lively little chick. Hazelchick has big dreams, and he's not afraid to hope. Was hatched with wrens. How his egg got in their nest, no one knows. (Dutchgirl)

    AutumnChick- An Old English game mix chick that has a gold head and neck, a black-laced gold breast and underparts, with red, orange and black speckled wings, back and tail. She has long black legs. Her eyes are a deep and thoughtful green. AutumnChick is soft-hearted, but she doesn't think she is pretty, and she aspires to be a medicine hen. AutumnChick tries to be good, but she sometimes gets caught up in CynderChick's schemes. She is good at astronomy and likes to study the constellations. She hatched mid-April, and her parents are RoseBud, and StoneWing. (thecphoenix)

    LimeChick- LimeChick is an Old English game mix that has shiny, pure black feathers, and he has icy blue eyes. His legs are long and feathered. LimeChick is brave and full of energy, and he strives for fairness and peace. LimeChick loves all of his siblings, with slight favoritism toward Rosechick and Autumnchick. He is good at sparring, as long as no one gets hurt. He aspires to be a warrior, but will refuse to fight if it is unfair. He hatched mid-April with Autumnchick, and his parents are RoseBud and StoneWing. Lime miraculously hatched from the same egg as CynderChick, a rare case of a double-yolked egg hatching successfully. (thecphoenix)

    CynderChick- CynderChick is a silvery white Old English game mix who has night-black eyes, and feathered legs. Cynder has a sinister twist to her; being independent and that she often rebels. Cynder is mature for her age, and thinks she is better than her hatchmates. Cynder can fight very well. Cynder was born mid-April with her siblings Limechick, Autumnchick, . Her parents are Rosebud and StoneWing. She hatched from the same egg as LimeChick. She has a crush on Thornpaw. (thecphoenix)

    FoxChick- A stunning Mille Fleur D'Uccle chick with a golden head, and a black racing stripe down her back, with the rest of her body being brown. For her age, she has stunningly developed wings, enabling her to 'fly' a bit more than her similarly-aged peers. She has no patience for other chicks, and refuses to follow directions, which may become a bit of a problem later. She is very fast, and can outwit any predator. Her history is unknown, many think that she is from the lost tribe, but was found in the forest alone. (crazygoatlady915)
    Aspenchick: She looks just like her mother, but as a chick. (Crazyaboutchickens)

    Nutchick: She looks just like her father, but as a chick. (Crazyaboutchickens)

    Crystalchick: She has EE stripes down her back, and a black underbelly. (Crazyaboutchickens)

    Splashchick: She is mostly white, except for the blue feathers on her wings and a black spot on her head. (Crazyaboutchickens)

    Taubechick- A Silver-laced Wyandotte pullet. She is black with silvery gray stripes down back, a white spot on her head, and she seems to see straight through you. She is bubbly, optimistic, very clever, and inventive. Atemchick saved her from twolegs, and she escaped with him to WingClan. (EE Lover:))

    Atemchick- A Silver-laced Wyandotte cockerel who is slightly pessimistic at times, and who can be untrusting to almost everyone but Taubechick. He is not only very strong, but quite smart. He escaped from twolegs after hatched, and saved Taubechick from fate of living with twolegs. He is twin brother to Taubechick (EE Lover:))

    Lillychick- An outgoing and energetic chick (with the ability to sply amazingly fast) of a dark colour, with interesting tan patches on her face. Lillychick was hatched by a child who was raising chicks for the first time. The child was loving and took perfect care of her babies, but one day Lillychick wandered away, unknown to the child. As she enjoyed the bugs unknown to her siblings, a small hawk swooped down and plucked her from her perfect hiding spot. The last thing Lillychick remembers is the child screaming at the hawk to put down her baby and throwing a rock in the air. Miraculously it hit, causing the hawk to release Lillychick on accident. After recovering from such a fall, she realized she was on her own. Calling tearfully for her siblings, Lillychick wandered into the WingClan area. (equinehugger3)

    DamselChick- A Turken Naked Neck chick with yellow down and a tendency to have low self esteem when picked on. She is however, a brave and somewhat sassy natural leader. (Chickens_in_a_nutshell)

    ThunderChick- A Barred Plymouth Rock female chick with white patterning and a love of playfighting and sleeping! (DinosRBirds)

    DECEASED BIRDS (StarClan):

    JayFlight- A green junglefowl cock with shiny feathers, and a neon comb and waddle. He has the unusual spurs typical of green junglefowl, pointing inwards and strait. He is kind and aloof, but true to his junglefowl species. He can survive in the wild for as long as he wants, and can outfly most chickens. He also has a keen instinct for when something is not right. He hatched as a lone egg in a tree hollow. Nothing is know of his parents or possible silblings, or how he hatched where he did. He was raised by a wandering flock of green junglefowl before splitting off after his first year. He loves shellfish and water critters, as well as anything meaty. (Blob Chicken)

    Seabrine- A slim, handsome Blue Silver Dutch bantam rooster who is a subdued gray-blue possessing intriguing powder blue eyes, with hackles, flight feathers, and saddle feathers of pure snowy white. His broad tail is fairly long, with two very long sickle feathers in the center that split off in a scissorblade shape. He came from SwiftClan as part of Stormwind's alliance, and since their last assault on BlackWood he has been wandering aimlessly most of the time, just foraging, listening and learning about other clans, and relaxing. He loves the life of a loner and would rather not join a clan again. (BirdNut)

    Bloodwing- His plumage consists of dark, blood-red feathers with black lacing around his head. His tail is deep crimson and almost falls past his spurs, with a few black feathers mixed in. His legs are slate, with long, black claws and spurs. His beak is black. He hides behind satire and sarcasm, usually to deal with potentially emotional or dangerous situations. He feels that he is a charming gift to all females within his close proximity. He is respectful of the codes of other clans, and tries not to interfere with such business. Despite these attributes, he is not self-centered. He chooses to hide his nicer qualities, knowing that they may cause him to form friendships, and therefore expose him to pain. He is a fighter with a bit of medical experience. He was born into a clan where his father, Bloodstar, was leader. A short time afterwards, Daggerbeak, and later some rogue chickens, began to execute his clan, mostly because of the fact that Bloodstar had chosen the medicine hen (Bloodwing’s mother) as his mate, and fathered chicks by her, breaking the warrior code. After the destruction of his clan, Bloodwing broke with his brother, Blackthorn, who lived only to avenge his father’s death and mother’s imprisonment. From then on, Bloodwing used the medical experience obtained from his mother’s teachings to move from clan to clan, helping where he was needed and exchanging medical information between clans. At the clan of Ashwood, he was struck ill by a deadly virus. Blackthorn rescued him and brought him to Wingclan for healing. Bloodwing has stayed there ever since, until he can resume his work. (Blue_Myst)

    BurningSpark- A Rhode island red hen with shining scarlet feathers, deep brown eyes, a small cherry comb, smudged beak, and long orange legs. Shy, and not very social but cheerful. Good at hiding, a fast runner and pretty good with flying. Her coop burned down in a forest fire when she was just a chick, she was taken in by a family of wild turkeys until she found WingClan. (PoultryGirl)

    SpinningTalon- A hybrid roo with gleaming black feathers, long and sharp spurs, large in size. He barely ever shows any outward emotions. He can make a deadly attack with his spurs and run quickly. He used to live in a coop but hated the soft life and escaped at a very young age, living by himself. Doesn't really think of himself as a part of the clan. (PoultryGirl)

    If you need any info, your character info changing, don't see your character up, or would like your Paws to graduate, don't hesitate to PM ray's two cents. Guys, hurry up and decide on a new leader. [​IMG]

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    A tall, shining black Minorca rooster with a proud carriage and striking yellow eyes greets you with a respectful dip of his head, "Welcome, to WingClan. I am Eaglestar, the leader of WingClan. Please join us, and we will honor you for your loyalty, strength, and faith." he motions a wing to the vast and lush green camp, "Make yourself at home."

    You have to change that bit.​
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    MetalStar (MetalSpur) - also known as Scarface by allies and enemies. An old but strong Standard White Leghorn rooster with bloodstained feathers and built for battle with his legs and natural spurs coated with metal and several other metal spurs running up and down the back of his legs with the addition of a metal mask he wears. He is the father of Kernalcorn of WingClan and the ex mate of Kernal’s mother AdaraStone. He was hatched and brooded by his parents of a regular old country chicken keeper. At the age of 2 moons old he despised his parents and killed them taking over as the head rooster of the place. Years later he took Adara as his mate and she raised an only son Kernal. Kernal didn’t grow up the way he had hoped and heard the owner talking about replacing himself with his son. A couple days later he attacked his son only to find out that Kernal fought back. Scarface was forced to retreat because of a half torn comb, missing eye and several other injuries. He swore to get revenge the next few nights but his son had been taken by a bobcat the night before Scar was going to kill him. Because of his age he is not taken seriously and often kills the ones who question him. If you are on his good side he is firm yet fun to be around if you like death and cruelness.

    GraveRot- A Standard Red Naked Neck Rooster that rarely says anything nice. No one in the clan knows where he came from because he won’t say anything about his past. Kills anyone he see’s as weak or failing. Is in charge of any birds that are wanting or trying to join the Clan. MetalStar sometimes calls GraveRot brother even though they are totally different breeds.

    DeathToll- A tiny Buff-Laced Sebright hen with a big attitude. One of the fastest fighters in the Clan. She’s quick and deadly with sharpened bone battlespurs. Many mistake her as an innocent little bird and the next second they are bleeding fast from the neck. She has the highest percentage of kills of all the warriors. Her mother is DarkFlora but her father is unknown. She is serious about her job and lets no one get in her way. Was hatched by RoseAngel.

    BloodBeak- A quite friendly Standard Partridge Welsummer Rooster that loves to mess around. Often chats to GraveRot but usually gets a long growl from him then walks away. If nothing is going on he helps out MelodyStorm and RoseAngel at sitting on their eggs so they can go take a break. Was found bloodied and missing feathers by the bloodied dead body of a large wolf by MelodyStorm. She helped him back to camp and told MetalStar what she found. SpellBloom fixed him up and was accepted into the clan.

    SkullSlinger- A tall Black Breasted Red Saipan Fowl Rooster. Mean in appearance and his attitude reflects it. He was hatched and raised by a human that fought him and his brother BrokenSpur in what they called pits. The two brothers formed a plan and attacked their keeper killing him as he was moving them to boxes. His brothers left spur broke off into the mans spine as they escaped the hellish place. They followed a group of birds and watched before introducing themselves to MetalStar. After they told him their story he gladly accepted them.

    CrazeBone- A Porcelain D’uccle rooster with various attitudes. One minute he can be fun and enjoying to be around, then the next he could try to start a battle with any bird around. Sometimes challenges SquallTalon to a fight but with her weight she quickly pins the little rooster down and sends him flying with less feathers then he started with. When the Clan was moving they found him hanging upside down tied to a tree limb singing to himself. As soon as WarCaster untied him CrazeBone attacked the closest bird. They quickly subdued him as SpellBloom gave him a potion of sorts and it calmed him down. They laughed as he started making sense and let him follow them, then later accepting him when he saved a chick.

    IronKill- A huge Standard Barred Orpington Rooster. Mate of StoneCurse. He killed the leader of their past clan because he was jealous of IronKill and wanted StoneCurse to himself. After killing the leader they were forced out of the clan forever. Protective over his mate with outside birds but once he knows you he settles down.

    DeathBlade- A dubbed Bantam Red Pyle Old English Game Rooster. Was a fighting buddy before MetalStar became a Star. MetalStar and BrokenSpur helped bust him out of his chained pen before they retreated into the woods. Is fierce and loyal to MetalStar and doesn’t take to jokes very well.

    ChainTrap- A muscular built Blue Hen of Delaware Hen. A fierce fighter with strong long legs and spurs to match her legs. As a rouge, she had attacked and killed a weaker rooster that had been in MetalStar’s clan. When she was approached by him she though she was going to be killed but to her surprise he asked her to join him. She’s a talkative hen but gets her assigned jobs done quick and clean.

    HellSpawn- A Standard Black La Fleche Rooster. A quiet older bird of the Clan. Doesn’t like to get into heated arguments within the Clan itself he simply shakes his head and moves on. He fights fiercely for what he calls his family. Often trains paws in the way of fighting.

    ShadowMurk- A lovely Bantam Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen. Blends into the shadows of day and the light of night. A patrol had found a weasel messing with a lightly tinted egg. They killed the weasel and brought the egg back to SquallTalon who brooded and hatched it. She’s a sweet hen but does her job and asks no questions.

    CutSlash- A Standard Silver Phoenix Rooster with a long flowing water like tail. Often the ends of his tail are stained with the blood of his victims. Adorned with sharply poison tipped spurs he is not to be taken lightly. Before he and his sister were accepted into the Clan he and her were rouges for hire, also known as an assassins by the birds that hired them.

    PlagueSpirit- A Standard Silver Phoenix hen, also the sister of CutSlash. She and her brother would have monthly competitions to see who could complete their job the fastest and who ever could complete the most within a week. She was happy to settle down finally after years of doing petty jobs for other cowardly birds. Is a fun chatty bird and loves to have competitions with clan mates.

    WarCaster- A stocky built multicolored Redcap Rooster. With a comb unusually large for a Redcap it doesn’t bother him at all. Was one of the first birds to join the just starting out Clan. Is usually very friendly unless you get in his way of duties to be done. Does not
    kill if he doesn’t have to.

    StoneCurse- A large fluffy Standard Splash Orpington Hen that throws her weight around when fighting. Can get very irritable with other birds even her mate IronKill. Both came to the Clan in search of a new start on life after their first brood of chicks was killed by their past clan.

    MadSnapper- A Standard Dark Brahma Rooster with a missing wing. He lost his wing to a lynx as he was trying to defend SquallTalon who had no clue what was going on. Others arrived to her call as MadSnapper kept the lynx at bay. As soon as they arrived they quickly killed the lynx and brought MadSnapper back to the Med den. He is the only bird that SquallTalon will let sit with her.

    BoneCut- The smallest bird in the clan, a tiny speckled Serama Hen. She’s the best friend of DeathToll and often go on assignments together or patrol together. DeathToll taught her how to be quick and deadly and is the second fastest fighter in the clan. She was found almost dead in a wooden box along a small hill by a road. Many didn’t think she was going to make it but with the help of SpellBloom and DeathToll she amazingly pulled through and became a terrific warrior.

    OnyxHowl- A short and stout Blue Grubbe Bantam Hen. Often mistaken for an owl she can look like apart of a tree and not even be seen by the enemies. She has a short attention span if she isn’t on an assignment or in a war. Her mate FoulGut had been a life long friend way before they came to MetalStars Clan.

    FoulGut- A stubborn and clumsy Silver Quail Antwerp Bantam and is the mate of OnyxHowl. He had found OnyxHowl in the next house over when they were just chicks. Later down the road he found out that his owner was going to move away from the place OnyxHowl was at. He escaped out of the pen as the two leg was trying to grab him and put him into a box. He took off and hid in his mate’s pen until her owner kicked him out. OnyxHowl wanted to be with her life long friend and mate so she escaped and the both of them took off and later on found MetalStars Clan.

    DreadFire- A small strutty Bluish/ Brown Ma Lai Fantail Bantam Rooster. He escaped from the luxury life of a show bird and wanted to live a wild and free life away from the crowded barns of other birds. He was fighting with a fisher when a patrol of MetalStars warriors seen him and watched. With skill he out maneuvered the fisher and swiftly killed it. He was showed back to the camp and soon after joined. Very strutty around the ladies and doesn’t like to kill if no one is in danger.

    DroolMuck- A large Standard brownish/blackish EasterEgger mix Rooster that is missing the bottom half of his beak. He lost the bottom half in an attempt to kill his owner when he got it cut off by an axe that the two leg swung on him. He wandered bloody and delirious of were he was. GraveRot decided he was strong enough to make it that far and went and got a hot piece of metal and held it up to DroolMucks beak and cauterized it. He doesn’t talk much and uses his top beak as a slicer.

    DarkShred- A stalky round Standard Salmon Faverolles Rooster and the mate of
    DireCrypt. Together they both ruled a small clan of rouges that war around twelve birds strong. The other birds didn’t want to fight and threatened to leave the group if the pair killed one more bird that had harmed another clans chick. One of the birds tried attacking DireCrypt but failed. Once the pair knew about their plans they killed them one by one each night until they were all dead. They preceded to try and find a clan they were happy with joining and finally found what they called the perfect family at MetalStars. He is sweet tempered to the family but is aggressive towards outside birds.

    DireCrypt- A Standard Blue Ermine Faverolles Hen and the mate of DarkShred.
    Concocted the plan to kill off the group of small rouges they ran and find a better suited family. She is quick to slice all five of her claws into enemies or outside birds if they try to hurt her family otherwise she’s not a talkative hen.

    SteelFang- A Standard Steely Blue Andalusian Rooster with a crooked beak. His beak doesn’t slow him down in battle but rather helps him pierce into the skin of the enemy acting as two fangs. He had found his way to MetalStar clan when he was just a paw. He never liked the boring captivity of life in what the two legs or humans called a coop. He said his farewells to his family and left just before dark. He is easy to get along with if he trusts you.

    SmokeFear- A Standard Spangled Russian Orloff Rooster with a crooked leg that slightly points outwards and walks with a limp. He came to the Clan in hope of getting away from the annoying humans or two legs as some call them. They used his family for meat and almost never fed them at all. He escaped when he was being carried to the chopping block and was able to get free and run off. On his way in search of other birds he ran across ColdWeeper his now mate. Together they found a new home and are currently watching their two chicks grow up.

    Fareye- A squinty eyed Standard Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen. She cunning, smart and is a tactical bird. She uses her mind more then her spurs. She killed her own mate when he killed a chick of hers before they were mates. She spent a year of her life alone and away from other birds until MetalStar offered her a place in the Clan.

    BrokenSpur- A Black Breasted Red Saipan Fowl Rooster. He is the younger brother of SkullSlinger and the much nicer of the two. Tries to keep SkullSlinger in place but he always gets the better of him.Lost his left spur when him and his brother escaped.

    DreamKiller- A drop dead gorgeous Standard Blue Mottled Leghorn hen with wickedly curved battlespurs. MetalStar had found her when she was a young pullet wandering through the woods. She wouldn’t talk or say anything until he gained her trust. He personally trained her and has adopted her as his own daughter. She is almost a reflecting image of him.

    ColdWeeper- A slender lovely Standard Splash Modern Game Hen. Was found by SmokeFear as he was wondering through the forest and at first she tried attacking but he quickly pinned her down and told her his story and she calmed down. She was dumped on the edge of a tree line and left to fend for herself. Together the two became friends then mates as they found their way to the Clan.

    DarkFlora- A stunning Lavender-Laced Sebright hen. She is the mother of DeathToll her only daughter. She escaped her old home when she was younger looking for more adventure thus stumbling on FateRain’s little group as they battled a coyote for killing one of the young paws. She started to back off but something clicked in her and sent her right at the snarling coyote’s eyes blinding it making it safer to kill it. Shortly after she was welcomed into the clan.

    FlameHunter- A tall Standard Black Sizzled Langshan Hen. She left her old clan because it was failing with weak and sick birds and joined MetalStars. Her muscular legs make it easy for her to jump a distance up into the air and pin enemies down without them clawing up her belly. Also brings back the biggest food items for the food pile.

    BlackFog- A fuzzy round Bantam Black Frizzle hen. Her appearance looks as if she is just a ball of fog as she walks through the camp. In battles the enemy has trouble telling were the sharpened spurs are underneath her. She is small but her speed makes up for her lack of weight. She has a bad tempered hen most of the time. Was hatched by SquallTalon.

    TombSoul- A huge ball of….fluff….yes fluff…A fluffy bearded Silver Birchen Showgirl Rooster. Was hatched out of an oddly shaped egg that was found floating down a stream that ran through their temporary camp. Was taken in and hatched by SquallTalon. Often slicks his head poof back with a little bit of animal fat so he can see when he’s fighting. The chicks often mistake him for a broody but he doesn’t care. Calm natured except when in battle.

    FateRain- A handsome Standard Wheaten Araucana Rooster and is the brother of SpellBloom. He was the only one to survive except for his sister when a rouge clan attacked their family. Over a year later he lost his mate to a raccoon but protected her only egg with his life. A few weeks later his daughter hatched out and is raising her himself.

    ColdCry- A small Bearded D’Anvers /Serama Rooster. Is the best tracker in the clan and can track birds for as long as it takes. Lost his mate awhile back to a human who killed her out of anger. He was unable to save her as she screamed out and told him to get away. He had given up hope on life until he found this Clan.

    PainFlame- A brightly colored orange and red Standard American Game Rooster. When he moves quick through the underbrush and flies fast about the trees he resembles a ball of flames passing by. He was rescued as a chick from a passing hawk that had the little chick tightly grasped in its talons. His cries alerted a near by patrol that quickly flew the hawk down and got the chick and rushed him back to the med den.

    SmokeClaw- A beautifully patterned Standard Buff Columbian Rock hen with one grey colored claw. She is a bit snappy and grouchy to some of the other Clan members. A nest of abandoned eggs were found near their old boarders so BlackFog and her patrol brought them back and MelodyStorm sat on them. SmokeClaw was the only one to hatch out of the four eggs.

    EvilWing- A Black-Tailed White Japanese Rooster with one all black wing. His mother had made it to the Clan with an egg clutched in her talons. She had carefully put the egg down on a patched of soft moss muttered a few words then suddenly died of a deep wound on her back. MelodyStorm took pity on the poor mother that sacrificed her life for her unhatched egg and took it in as her own. A few days later he hatched out, they could tell there was something special in this chick.

    HorrorMist- A petite Mille Fleur D’uccle hen. When she was younger her mother and father were killed by a raccoon and CrazeBone found her when he was first rescued. He taught her how to fight and they both have become real close. She is about the only one who will put up with CrazeBone’s odd attitudes.

    CryptCurse- A Standard Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Rooster with long spurs. He fought along with MetalStar way before he had his Clan going. He escaped his pen at night and met up with MetalStar on the edge of the property. In battle he is deadly and quick but when not fighting he is a charming rooster to the ladies and loves to strut his stuff and show off his flowing tail feathers.

    SoulReaper- A gorgeous Chamois Campine hen who rarely speaks a single word or makes the quietest utterance, usually greeting those she meets with coy half-smiles. She was born on a farm, unto a picky, inexperienced broody chosen rashly by her human owners. The hen began to peck her and pluck her down, booting the foreign chick out of her nest. The humans were not around to see the incident, nor were there hens to adopt her as their own, so she tottered off into the wilderness where she raised herself in the middle of the forest, surviving by mere chance and an iron will, later found in her early adulthood by BloodClan patrollers who watched her almost effortlessly fend off a rabid raccoon, and applauded her work, offering the loner a place in their clan. She is easy-going and calm most of the time but is an entirely different bird altogether when on the battlefield, bloodthirsty and merciless, thus her name. (BirdNut)

    JaggedScar- A huge, handsome Exchequer Leghorn Rooster of show-quality lines. Unlike his brothers, he hated the soft life of a chickypet as a cockerel and he, even as young as he was at the time, was clever enough to concoct a devious plan for escape. He waited for when his keeper was kneeling to refill the feed containers like he did every morning, pecking in the eye with great precision and blinding him in that eye, before bolting off while the human was wincing and moaning in pain. He skirted clan after clan and none of them appealed to him until he stumbled upon BloodClan. He has proven to be a loyal member who is social and friendly to clanmates, harsh and wary of newcomers, and is always one of the first to loudly applaud the work of blood. (BirdNut)

    PoisonGaze- An intimidating Birchen Modern game, making him quite tall, thin, and swift; his long legs adorned with sharp, upward curved spurs of slate gray. He gets his name from his heterochromatic eyes that are fiery orange with a blood-red center, and hold an indescribable intensity that can send shivers down the spines of his unfortunate onlookers. He has a deep, resounding voice when he speaks, and, contrary to his incredible fighting skills and frightening appearance, is surprisingly personable once you get to know him. He was a pit fighter but escaped and carried with him a few well-practiced battle moves. (BirdNut)

    Medicine Chicken:
    SpellBloom- A Standard White Araucana hen. She came to MetalStar in hoping to get revenge on a small clan that killed all her family but a brother of hers. In turn she would stay with the clan and be their Med hen. MetalStar sent out a group and killed all the birds except one. The group brought the leader bird and threw her in front of SpellBloom. She went and got a vial of acid and came back out. She made a quick cut across the hen’s chest and poured the acid on and down into the cut and smiled as the hen screamed in horror and begged for her life until she died. SpellBloom believes in doing all she can to help her new family and sometimes outside birds. Often the past still haunts her.

    MelodyStorm – A funny talkative mottled Houdan hen. Loves talking gibberish with fellow broody RoseAngel She was left at a chicken show and managed to run out of the barn and into the woods. She had walked for days before stumbling upon RoseAngel and MetalStar on their way back to camp. RoseAngel took care of her until she was strong enough to do things herself. She was inspired to become a broody by RoseAngel. She’s funny, goofy and kind of a ditz sometimes.

    SquallTalon – A scarred up and unfriendly Standard Black Jersey Giant hen. The other broodies stay out of her way and so do most of the warriors. Any bird that crosses her path or looks at her wrong is going to get torn up. She does have a soft spot for chicks. She hatches and raises them as her own and even starts to train them and get them ready
    to become paws as soon as they pop out of the egg. She was kicked out of a lesser known clan because she started training early on the chicks and joined MetalStars. The clan considers her to be the best broody out of them because all her chicks are trained earlier then the others.

    RoseAngel – A beautiful and charming Standard Blue Sumatra hen. She was taken in by MetalStar when she was a young paw. He promised her a life of protection and love from her recent home that plucked her of her feathers in a crowded pen of other birds. MetalStar broke her out as a young cockerel was beating her up. He pinned the cockerel down and told her to kill him with a wingrazor he lent her. She stood there for a minute and then sliced the cockerel across the neck. MetalStar smiled and told her to follow. She’s one of the nicest birds in the clan and is a joy to be around. She has raised many chicks and is thank full to MetalStar for saving her.

    RavenPaw- A Standard Blue Barred Orpington Cockerel and the chick of IronKill and StoneCurse. Was hatched by RoseAngel and is being trained by her mother StoneCurse.

    MistPaw- A small Standard Lavenderish Speckled Sussex pullet that was found by SpellBloom while collecting herbs. She can’t remember who her mother and father are or were she came from. Being trained by SpellBloom.

    RedPaw- A reddish/brownish colored Standard Leghorn/ Araucana cross pullet. She is the daughter of SpellBlooms brother FateRain. Her mother a brown leghorn died when she sacrificed her life to a raccoon to save her only egg that she secretly kept hidden. Her father was stricken with grief and raised her as her mother would have wanted, to become a well known warrior like her mother was. Being trained by her father FateRain.

    HellPaw- A stunning Black Sumatra/Standard Leghorn cross pullet marked with a dark golden swirl across her back and wings. She also has long legs with four perfectly formed toes and wickedly sharp claws. Despite the fact that she’s a pullet she also has a set of extremely sharp spurs. To match her stunning but deadly looks she is cold hearted and cruel, is clever and crafty, a brilliant actor and can make herself appear to be nearly anything she wishes. She is an outstanding fighter, strong and clever in her attacks. Also an amazing actor and can make herself look like an innocent young pullet when she wishes. Very few of the Clan members know of her mysterious past besides MetalStar, GraveRot, DreamKiller and a few others. She is an actual blood daughter of MetalStar. Her mother a Black Sumatra hatched her out moons back. Her mother learned that MetalStar was training her to be a warrior and objected to it threatening to take their daughter away. In turn HellPaw turned on her mother and killed her from behind. (ChickieBooBoo)

    FogPaw– A mute black Bantam Japanese/Yokohama cockerel with red flecks throughout his feathers. His parents are unknown to the clan. He showed up as an egg covered in blood moons back. SquallTalon took the egg in and trained him especially harder then the other chicks of the nursery. Some of the clan members say that it is a curse that he hatched with his throat torn up but others say it is a blessing. Being trained by GraveRot.

    RagePaw- A small Antwerp/ Grubbe cockerel who’s light blue feathers are freckled with silver. Is the son of FoulGut and OnyxHowl. He was hatched by SquallTalon and is being trained by his parents.

    SilverPaw- A charming, young, cheerful Bantam Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte bantam pullet. She was hatched by both MelodyStorm and RoseAngel when her egg was brought to them. She has never liked the idea of killing another bird but neither cares what her clan mates do to other birds. She simply just likes to stay out of the way. She is being trained by both MelodyStorm and RoseAngel to become a broody.

    RainChick- A fuzzy little black streaked yellow female chick and the sister of IceChick. SmokeFear and ColdWeepers chick and was hatched by SquallTalon.

    IceChick- A smaller grey downed female chick and is the sister of RainChick. SmokeFear and ColdWeepers chick and was hatched by SquallTalon

    LightChick- A curious brown and gold patched male chick and is the chick of
    DarkShred and DireCrypt and was hatched by SquallTalon.

    WildChick- A goldish down colored female Bantam Mille Fleur Cochin chick and was found by RoseAngel out near the borders when she was taking a break. The chick’s loud screams could be heard all the way to camp. Is being raised by SquallTalon.
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