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Gerbil has a lot to do running the WingClan thread. So, this is the thread on which you can post your charectors information. If all of the people who have charectors on WingClan if you would particapate on this thread that would be great! This is simply a way to help Gerbil keep up and help us remember who's who and what everyone looks like.
Yah! That would be great. I want to get everyones on here so that she can see them all of the time even if they're on the list. Then, we can also see other charectors. I will post mine in a moment
I have a total of three, and they are:

StarryNight- A Generous, quiet, joyful, overprotective Silver laced wyandotte/true Ameraucana cross. Silver laced pattern of a Wyandotte, but the more petite build of the Ameraucana. She also has the beard, and is a large fowl. Broody. She has Great mothering skills, and powerful hearing capabilities. She was born and raised in the forest. She has had multiple experiences and some confrontations with foxes and raccoons, but nothing really exciting.

EagleWing- Black LF Minorca Roo with highlights reminiscent of jewels. His long spurs and claws, paired with his large size make him appear very intimidating. He’s Rather stoic, quiet.
Incredible flight, very much unlike that of most chickens. Capable of gliding in the air for long periods of time, like an eagle (hence the name).
He was bought with the intention of being a hen, but grew up to be a rooster. Roosters were not allowed in the neighborhood he lived in, so his owners sold him to who they believed to be a good home. Even with good intentions, this was not a good home. They cared for their birds very poorly. He escaped with some other birds, who moved away and are now living their own lives. He now resides in the forest.

QuickClaw: Loner, soon to be a warrior. A very vibrantly colored rooster; having bright orangish barred hackle and saddle feathers. His primaries carry that same pattern, while the rest of his body has mostly black and white barring. He only has one wing and is rather lanky and thin, for a Brahma. He is adventurous, brave, daring, funny and independent. He can run at incredible speeds, and is very strong. He just didn't like the rather solemn life he had at the farm, so he left for the forest to explore and make himself a new life. He lost his wing in a nighttime raccoon attack, when he couldn't see well enough to fight back. His owners were forced to amputate it. This does not seem to bother him at all, and he adapted well.
These are my characters

Name: Magnoliabloom
Gender: Hen
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Small, grayish hen with light, light pinkish-white splotches
Personality: Very sweat (I am a Cochin after all!), loves foraging with friends, goes Broody VERY often! Very scared of hawks!!! (Read History! )
Abilities: Very good at catching flying things to eat (Bees, flies, wasps, etc.) And really good at being a mother
History: Magnoliabloom, in the process of raising her first clutch of chicks, encountered a Red Tailed Hawk. She was almost killed but OwlStar saved her moments before the Hawk went for the kill. She has been deathly afraid of hawks ever since. (My old hen Magnolia was killed by a hawk that got in the coop when she was five months old.)
Other: Loves chicks! And is a fairly NICE broody
BYC Username: Louieandthecrew (Louie is my roosters name, therefore, I'm a girl )
Breed (Optional): Mottled Cochin (That's what my Magnolia was!)

Name: ShadowHeart
Gender: Rooster
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Jet black rooster with a strong love for MoonScar. Father of Magnoliabloom’s first clutch of chicks.
Personality: Brave and Fearless and protective over his hens but also very sweet to his hens.
Abilities: Can fly for an abnormal amount of time.
History: Fathered Unknown hen’s first clutch of chicks. A son and a daughter. His first son was killed by a snake.
BYC Username: Louieandthecrew
Breed(Optional): Australorp

Coalpaw- A Coal colored Cockeral. Largest of his brood.

Stormpaw- A Funny, Sweet Gray Cockeral.

Sprite- A Light minty green and yellow pullet with long legs.

Cloudpaw- A Pale gray Cockeral with Darker Gray Tail and Head Feathers

Mistpaw- A Misty Blue-Gray Pullet. Weird Yellow legs

Acornpaw- A Dark Brown with white tail feathers. Cockeral

Winniepaw- An Orange/Yellow Fluffy Pullet. "Runt of the litter" and almost was a dud.

Name: HurricanePaw (Hurricanefeather)
Gender: Cockeral
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: looks like a SLW with VERY pretty penciling
Personality: Scared yet sweet.
Abilities: Able to run very quickly and live over a week without food
History: Came from FeatherClan but ran away when his father tried to kill him. (No one knows this but Sprite finds out when he sees how much Shadowheart loves her.)
Other: deeply in love with Sprite
BYC Username: Louieandthecrew
Breed(Optional): Silver laced Wyandotte
(His father is Burningflame from FeatherClan. No one knows this.)

Those are mine!
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Name: MoonChick
Gender: Hen
Rank: Chick
Appearance: Practically invisible, brown/black/red/white mix.
Personality: Typically quiet, but can sound like a siren.
Abilities: Catches mostly her own food and puts what she doesn't eat in the food pile.
History: While she was pecking her way out of her egg, a meteor fell not far away and shook the shell open.
Other: Belived to be magical by some.
BYC Username:duckluv
Breed(Optional): Mutt

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