Winston-Salem or Raleigh, NC for chicken owning and school districts?


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Mar 18, 2018
Hello everyone!
Boy do I need help. My family and I are relocating to North Carolina for my husbands employment. We have the option of picking from Winston-Salem or Raleigh areas. We have absolutely no knowledge about either city. We are from good ole' country in northwest PA. We have land, excellent schools, and chickens with no one bothering us. It's a friendly place... but here we are, relocating.

Is it possible to find something like what we already have, on a budget? We want the nice house, open backyard, good schools, and be allowed to have chickens. Every city I seem to look into only allows 5 hens. Where are the good schools located that have properties allowing more than 10 hens?

Please help us out. Our home budget is around $225k, maximum.
So, we don't have a lot of options.
Thank you!
There are alot of country areas near winston. Check out Davie, Davidson, Yadkin, Rowan county. Most places there have no limits on chickens and the real estate may be cheaper than winston. Davie has some pretty good schools(FFA too) depending on what area you live in. All within 30 min of winston.

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