Winter advice


Dec 1, 2015
Ok last spring I got 3 chicks, one duck, one pilgrim goose. I also ignored the sheds I had and bought a metro chicken coop with upstairs/downstairs. After the chicks could stand the weather I put them in the coop with fencing about 30 feet circumference around. Chicks went upstairs, goose and duck stayed down below on ground. After they got to size, I left the gate open to their enclosure for free range except for at night. Now it's getting cold and no one will go into the metro coop that I doubled walled with hay for insulation. The chickens roost on the roof of the coop, duck and goose sleep on the side of it. I'm bringing them into enclosed for winter (4x5) in garage with dog door to outside and kids pool with heater but I was hoping to get through until Jan/feb. will they freeze to death from bird stupidity before then?


Oct 21, 2015
No where Nebraska
It sounds as if your birds might be warm, or at least that you over insulated your coop to the point that the coop is stuffy. Birds live in the cold, they are not mammals that must be kept warm. They need to be kept dry and free of drafts, not warm.

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