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Nov 27, 2011
This is my first year with my guinea hens. I posted on here already about a heat lamp in my coop for the chickens, which I was told I don't need one but then someone said to double check for the guineas. Do I need a heat lamp for my guineas? I live right on the southern shores of Lake Ontario in NY, winters is usually around 20-30 degrees with nights into the teens. It always seems to be that we get a few days or weeks of below zero during the days. For snow we get over 10 feet with a wind of some sort. I want to keep my guineas and chickens happy and healthy this winter. Thank you for your help!
No, guinea fowl (only the females are called hens, males are called cocks
) are fine without heat.
Thank you!! I was worried. Yes, I haven't been sure what to call them exactly.
As long as they are dry, and protected from the drafty winds they should be able to insulate themselves just fine. They typically tuck their head under a wing to keep warm and breath warm air. Flat roosts that allow them sit to covering their feet while roosting helps to avoid frostbitten toes. The only time I would provide a heat lamp is if they are soaked to the bone and unable to fluff their feathers to insulate themselves adequately.

Some people like to boost the fat, carbs and protein in their birds' diet thru the cold months to help keep them warm too.
Thank you! We are in the process of switching our dowels over to 2x4's laid flat. All the cracks are now covered, got the bedding deeper, I am starting to feel better about winter and the hens.
As soon as I am able to post, I will. Maybe you can tell me what kind I have?
As soon as I am able to post, I will. Maybe you can tell me what kind I have?

I'll try, I'm pretty good with identifying most of the colors, quite a few of us are that post here regularly as a lot of us have varied flocks with lots of colors
Thanks!! I can't figure out what kind they are. One has the most beautiful purplish feathers around her neck with a strip of white wing feathers, she is my favorite.

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