Winter and My Pekins

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by briknstone, Nov 12, 2016.

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    May 26, 2016
    I am posting with some info and asking for some answers.

    My first time as a Duck Owner-All Pekins- originally 2 chicks as gifts from someone I made an enclosure for (I am a contractor)- then the lady preferred chickens over ducks- and I got 2 more chicks, right around Easter- they are all the same age- so I have 3 hens and a Drake- perfect combo- I get about 12-15 eggs per week, and even with 2 boys- running out of things to make with eggs! Luckily we have some neighbors that want them also!

    I have a nice little (12 x 12) enclosure for them with a mini barn for nesting (2' x 8' x 3.5'T) and they have a water dish, food dish and a wading pool- During the day they are out foraging in the "woods" a 3/4 acre of wooded area on my property. We have a creek that sometimes runs dry in summer- and a KOI pond they get into. They have a regular routine-out in the morning and put themselves in at dusk. I lock them up at night
    I live in N IL- so its starting to get on the cold side.

    My main question #1 is: Do I need a heat lamp for them- and when do I need it?

    Right now the enclosure is full chicken wire- with a plywood top on one side so there is a dry area if it rains/snows. My intention was to completely CLEAR plastic off the enclosure- both TOP and Sides- to make a terrarium type enclosure..only the door would be exposed,and I would line the bottom with straw- to keep it dry. Since I have had them- Ive been using sand in the bottom of enclosure because its easy to power wash the sand, turn it, add more and it drains well, so rarely gets "muddy" even if they are spilling or splashing water from the pool.

    I just had an electrician buddy add power- so NOW I have options for light and /or heat.

    Questions #2- should I leave ANY light on for them, if even to extend "daylight" as its dark about 5:30 now.

    Questions #3- IF I add a heat lamp- should it go IN the nesting "barn" or simply hang in the enclosure itself? At night- it seems they still huddle together either IN the pool- or right next to it- but I rarely see them IN the nesting barn in the morning- so I don't think they go in to sleep, only to lay eggs.

    Question #4- WATER in the winter- where i live- any water outside will freeze in minutes- so Im assuming that the pool gets empty and not used at all- so they need drinking water- so do I need to keep a water bowl heated somehow? or do I just give them fresh water a few times a day- and they get to drink in between freezes? I DO heat my pond through most of the winter- but i DON'T want them in it- as the poop through winter will probably make the water too toxic for the fish- and I have to remove the filters because they freeze up- moving water in winter is key to not letting it freeze!

    OK- Lots of stuff- thanks for any help!
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    Sep 25, 2015
    They wont need a heat lamp in with them,all the feathers and fat keeps them warm.But,they will need to bath themselves,so you would probably have to crush the water in the kitty pool.
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  4. Ducks are tough........NO HEAT LAMP NEEDED!

    I get pretty cold here......My Ducks have a insulated Dog House and I put Plastic around the run to block out wind....Straw bales around my Dog house for added insulation......Some straw down in a corner of the run so they can warm feet during the day.....[​IMG]

    We can get as cold as -40 Celsius with the windchill.......As long as Ducks are out of the wind and wet.....They do great!!!


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