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  1. mystang89

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    Jul 12, 2011
    I've read on here that alot of people use heated dog bowls during the winter to help keep the water melted. My only question is how do you keep the chickens from walking around in it. I mean, it is winter after all so I'm sure them getting water all over them isn't going to help. Thanks.
  2. Imp

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    You could try putting it up on bricks about chest height.
    Or covering it with a barrier that they can get their heads through.

  3. CC1892

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    I'm not getting a heated dog bowl, but will hedge my bets that the girls will eat fast
    in the cold weather...They usually do anyway! [​IMG]
    I read on this website that hot oatmeal is a favorite for cold they better eat fast, lol!

    I am going to use heaters in bother inside and outside waterers (chickens nipples).
    I found a really nice low profile heater with a 10 foot heavy duty cord covered with a chew guard - I mean to tell you
    this de-icer is a thing of beauty!!

    I searched all over the Internet, prices were as high as $44.00, but I found it at American Livestock for 26.75.
    Free, very fast shipping was added if your total order was $75.00 (yes I did). By the way the de-icer is Made in America by Allied Precision.
    Allied also sells heated dog bowls....
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    Sep 27, 2010
    I have a galvanized waterer, sitting on a poultry works great, on occasion I have to chip a bit of ice away, but it is -20* in the winter if not colder here.

    And warm oatmeal on cold a favorite, and helps fill them up and keep them warm...a fed animal is a warm animal....
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    Aug 7, 2010
    Carthage Il,
    Quote:you could elevate it but im sure they will try anyway
    i dont do anything special it just sits on the ground but mine get checked and filled everyday
    its my kids chores so they do it everyday besides i have had a heated bowl quit working on me before and if i check them everyday then i know they arnt more than 12 hrs w/o thawed water so its no biggie to just dump and refill

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