Winter chick molting at 8 months?

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    I did not expect molting in my under one-year-old pullets. But one of my EEs may be molting. Searching the forum, I found the statement that chickens may molt "after their first full spring." Since she was a winter chick (Feb.) and experienced a full spring, could she be truly in an adult molt? She seems healthy but is slowing losing feathers, and I now find handfuls daily. She IS low gal on the totem pole, but I haven't seen any excessive picking on her. Roo is a gentleman. She matured slightly early perhaps, laying at 20 wks.

    Flock is small, ample room, often out on grass in tractor. No others of same vintage seem to be losing feathers. No signs parasites but have never dusted for lice or wormed, and I suspect now's a good time to get caught up on those tasks. Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like she's molting. I've had some molt at 9 months. They don't go through a hard molt, but still quit laying and lose feathers.

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