Winter chicken heating pad??

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    Mar 20, 2016
    I need recommendations from everyone. I live in a very cold climate and wanted to provide some additional heat to the chickens when it gets very cold at night, subzero temps. I don't want to add anything that will start a fire, like bulbs or heaters with fans. I was looking around and found a 40watt heating pad: K&H Thermo-Chicken™ Heated Pad and wonder if this is worth any good. Reading the reviews it does not get hot enough to start a fire but may possible just increase the temp a few degrees which is what I'm looking for.

    My chickens currently live in a double walled old milking shed so they are protected from the wind. I wanted to mount this where they sleep at night, which is an enclosed roost within the shed. I just wanted to increase the temp a few degrees or just cut the freeze a bit. I'm not looking to completely heat the coop which would he horribly hard to do.

    Any thoughts?
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    Pictures will help, and showing which is the southern exposure. The most important issues are ventilation, and unfrozen water. The pie tin type water heaters do offer a little heat, and the chickens are WARM themselves. Mary
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    Insulating the roof helps with summer sun and winter cold too. Mary
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    Unless you have some kind of thinly feathered, exotic breed of chicken. You DO NOT need to add any heat, what so ever. They are built and equipped to handle cold weather. Let them properly acclimate, and they will be fine. They don't need any help, to stay warm.
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    What is your location?

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