Winter chicken sweaters

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    Late this summer I had a bout of mites and one of my little girls plucked all of her wing feathers off. Now it's cold and she has bare little wings and I am worried about frost bite in her wings. Has anyone made a "chicken jacket" so that the wings are covered? I know that limits her ability to get to her roost but I am very concerned about her naked little wings and we are going to be in the teens here shortly. Any suggestions in how to promote feather growth? She is producing an egg every day.

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    Sweaters are not good idea as they compress the feathers inhibiting their insulative effect.
    She'll probably be fine, I have had several bird go thru winter with bare backs, no frost bite.

    Feathers, if actually fully 'plucked' out, should start growing back immediately.
    But if they were broken or bitten off, by bird or bug, they won't be replaced until the bird goes thru a molt.
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