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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by LibRat, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Apr 23, 2013
    I have a question about the cold weather coming up. I have only 2 chickens and we don't have a coop. They free range during the day and when they're ready for bed they jump up on a sawhorse in our breezeway and wait for us to shut the door. It took me months before I realized they would not melt in the rain. Yes, I would chase them down and put them up so they wouldn't get wet. I got over it when I saw that they are not stupid and would take cover when their feathers started dripping lol Now, I am worried about cold weather. Will they be ok in that room at night or should I do something else? It's only been in the 40's so far but their feet are freezing when I hold them. I don't want them getting frostbite or something and body parts start falling off while they sleep.I'm picturing my rooster without a comb and left foot....
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    I'm glad you asked this. My girls don't have a coop at all. We have a large run that has a covered section. They roost up in a tree at night. I'm in South Carolina so it doesn't stay cold, but nights can be in the 20s or 30s. Will y girls be ok?
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    I don't know whether yours might get a touch of frostbite roosting in the trees or not. You might consider adding a couple of sides to the windward side of your roofed area, as a windbreak, and maybe something like a couple of milk crates or boxes, or a 2x4 across a couple of blocks, to get their feet off the ground. Perhaps on a cold night they would choose to go there rather than in the treetops.

    Where I live, which is very little different from SC and also gets into the 20's on occasion, the traditional chicken keeping area is a fenced spot with a piece of plywood laid over the top to keep out rain. That is all many people had here, for decades and decades. What mine have offers lots more comfort and protection from wind than that, but is actually nearly as open air as that. I put plastic over the people door, which is made of hardware cloth, in the winter to stop the wind from blowing on their roost area.
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    Weather-wise they will be able handle the cold in trees down to 0 F pretty easy. Predators will be your biggest concern with trees roosting trees unless you have reliable dog tied to its trunk.

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