Winter Dust Baths

Smuvers Farm

Melvin Up the Taterhole
Feb 16, 2017
TN/Western KY Border
I use a large bus tub, like restaurants use to clear tables, filled with sand (I use the tube sand left over from last winter) and wood ash.
Other people use the concrete mixing tubs from home depot and use soil, peat moss or from where they are bathing now.
I use a baby splash pool...... and sand, dirt from my yard and recently wood/cardboard ash


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Nov 27, 2012
SW Michigan
My Coop
My Coop
I have an area that is part of the run under the coop.
It stays dry 99% of the year.
I take some dirt from there in the fall and put it in a tub in the coop.
They only use the coop tub if the 'under-run' area freezes solid.

No need to buy anything, just get some dirt from where they usually dust bathe.
Gather this dirt when it is dry, or it may will freeze inside the coop too.
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