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Jul 23, 2018
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this will be my first winter with my chickens. wondering if my eggs will be good if they freeze. i cant collect until 5pm.
i'm afraid the eggs will freeze.
Do you have power in the coop? Or is it close enough to run an extension cord?
I use seedling heat mats under the nesting material in my boxes. I've collected eggs when I got home after the temp was in the mid 20s all day. It was 19F when I took the eggs out of the box. Nothing was frozen.


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At what temperature do eggs freeze?
That can be hard to determine.
Obviously near to just below 32°F,
but I've found with many birds laying they can keep them from freezing as quickly.
I just gather eggs ass frequently as possible depending on the temps.
Many can't do that, so heating the nests is the next best option.

Gaping wide open cracks get tossed, but I don't candle to look for other more subtle cracks.

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