Winter feeding- fermented vs. dry

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  1. Trying to decide to continue fermented feed through the winter again this year or just give them dry 2-3 times daily. I'm off to work now so I'll check in later. I did fermented feed last year and my 14 yr old had to do it because my Raynaud's made it very difficult to do it. They also ended up picking all the face feathers off the favorolles and easter eggers because they had the feed on them. I was also concerned about them stepping in it in the cold weather!
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    I'd say make it enjoyable for yourselves...if your 14 yo is enjoying doing it, wonderful, otherwise you might want to take a break for the winter.

    If you do take a break, I highly recommend supplementing with some other form of probiotic for enhanced gut and immune health. There are some formulated just for chickens, Probios I think is one brand (I haven't used it, but some on BYC have). Or google for "direct fed microbials", dry powders you sprinkle on their food. Some better feeds also have them mixed in, look for "dried fermentation product of xxxxx xxxxxx" or something similar.

    We feed both dry and FF. I feed them a dose of FF early in the morning and then they have a feeder full of dry feed they can eat more if they want it. No need to worry about feeding 2-3x a day!
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  3. He is a good boy for me but doesn't really like it. I have a large and medium sized feeders I can use for them. Hopefully the ducks don't make a huge mess of them. My RA and fibromyalgia can make it so difficult for me to do the things I need or want to do.

    I'm so behind on cleaning the yard for winter because of that and my migraines.

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