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Mar 20, 2008
We have a coop on wheels that is approximately 13 feet by 15 feet. The floor is wire screen, which works well in the summer, but we want to provide a cozier floor for the winter. We were planning on laying plywood for the winter, but plywood is heavy and hard to manage. So, I had an idea to get a strong tarp that is a little bigger than the floor itself and lay it on the wire screen. Then I would secure it around the sides by hooking it to the walls using grommets and s-hooks. Once the tarp is in, I would add a thick layer of wood chips. Does that sound reasonable?

Straw is a good idea - does sound warmer than shavings. We use straw in the nesting boxes also. We were thinking of piling bales of straw or hay around the base of the coop. Unfortunately, the coop cannot be put on the ground - but were were considering piling bales of straw or hay around the base of the coop so that the area under the coop is protected from the elements somewhat....
I think that sounds like a great idea. I would layer wood pellets and DE with the shavings. That's what I do in my coop year round and love it.

I don't like straw or hay in the coop or run because it doesn't obsorb moisture and I've heard that mites can hide in it.
We are in upstate NY but have not had to worry about predators. We have a big dog and a movable electric fence. We were originally going to do the thin plywood, but I thought it might be awkward to get into/out of the coop so I was trying to come up with alternatives...
How about a roll of linoleum flooring...cut it to fit tight and you could fold or bend it to get it in the coop. You could then use a combination of pine shavings and DE layered over top of it. You could add some support underneath the wire to stabilize it for the winter, but probably wouldn't be needed.

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