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I have seen a lot of talk about heating coops and wintering birds. I never really found any great information on how hardy specific breeds are. I know my Wyandottes are good to well below 0. Perhaps someone could post a list of breeds and their hardiness levels to help put others that are worried about their birds in the cold at ease or on alert I guess depending on breed.
I have Welsummers, Black Australorps, Buff Orp. and BLRW. I would appreciate knowing if I need to worry about any of these breeds. We are in OK and 0 is about our lowest temp on avg.
Thanks TurtlepowerTrav. I don't think I have any breeds to be concerned about. This being my first winter w/ hens, I was concerned about them. Most of the threads here say don't heat and I know my friends locally have not lost any hens due to cold. They do have to treat combs and waddles for freeze bite so I am assuming I will have to do this as well. I was just noticing lots of talk and thought one thread w/ info might be easier to reference.
0F is not too awful bad. That is where the badness starts, however. In our experience, it is those sub zero nights and days when the issue comes into play. We had -30 a couple nights, two winters ago, and everyone was just fine. Maybe one little spec of frostbite on spikey, super big combs, but nothing too bad at all.

Those extraordinary dips only last for a hour or two, the temps usually rise back to around 0 or a few degrees above zero as soon as day fully breaks. Thank goodness.

Of course, the Chantecler was bred specifically for the Canadian raisers, but the New England and/or Mid-west breeds also do well. New Hampshires, Rocks of all kinds, Buckeyes, Dominiques, and of course, the Wyandottes are all pretty cold hardy, as they were developed in the cold of America.
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