Winter hatching?


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Jul 9, 2011
So recently one of our hens have decided to go broody. This is the first time any of our hens wanted to sit, so of course we are willing to let her do it! The question I have though, is how can we help ensure a successful hatch? I live in northern Michigan, so the nights are already getting down into the low teens, and days are 20°-30°. Our coop is not heated. Do we have to do anything special to help keep her/the eggs/chicks warm? Also, the box she its nesting in is about 3 feet off the ground, will this be a problem with young chicks? Any advice on successful winter brooding/hatching would be very greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
i have silkies that set year round. last year one hatched 6 chicks in a snow storm. when the chicks hatch move her to the bottom of the coop with plenty of hay for her to keep them warm in. or wood shavings,ect. she will be fine with them. if you can hang her a heat lamp up high enough she cant touch it. you could even make a brooder in the corner of the coop with food water and a heat lamp. one that she could jump out of for excerise. good luck with her

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