Winter Health Questions


9 Years
Jul 16, 2010
Jeffersontown, Ky
This is my first winter with my girls. I got them all from TSC last March. They are looking a little ragged. A few have feathers missing on their backs (I think someone must be feather picking but haven't been able to figure out who). A couple have dirty looking butts - and in general they just look a little ragged. I have dusted with sevin to make sure we don't have mites or lice. I've made sure they get good food and veggie treats during the winter. I even have one who looks bald on her belly. Just a big patch of nothing - no feathers coming in - just a big bald spot. They have access to go to their outdoor run unless it is really cold and snowy, but they don't like to go outside when it is wet or snowy so I think they have just been aggravating each other out of boredom. They have laid really well all winter - and continue to do so.

My question is - is this normal for winter? I was thinking that once it got warm I would give them all a bath and try to get everyone cleaned up. Maybe blue kote or rooster booster any "picked on" spots and see if I can spot a feather picker. I have 19 birds and about 6 have "picked" spots in front of their tails. New feathers coming in...
I think it is a winter thing. My birds currently look like they've been through a war and came out on the losing side of it. It's been a long, hard winter. My birds have never looked this bad before and I've had them for 3 winters. I am hoping for some warm weather soon, so I can let the birds out for some free-range time. I also had some feather picking going on and I have a rough roo, so my girls are all ragged. The roo is going and the girls are going to get some TLC once the snow drifts are gone.

So, I don't have any advice. Just commiserating with you.

Good luck with yours. Wish me luck with mine.
That at least makes me feel better. I try very hard to take good care of them and was feeling like I didn't do something right. Thanks for commiserating! Good luck with yours.

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