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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by daphnelovely, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. daphnelovely

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    Jul 17, 2016
    HI everyone :) I am in IL and it's starting to dip into the 20's at night. I have been adding some extra straw but at what point would everyone recommend putting in heat lamps? I have a flock of 10 who go in to sleep in a space of about 10 x 6, possibly larger just guestimating. Also, does everyone set up a pool for play or at what point is it too cold for them to play in the water?

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    We are going down into the teens tonight and I don't use heat at all. As long as the ducks are inside out of drafts and weather but have ventilation so moisture can escape they will be fine with out heat. They have the ultimate down coat on under those feathers.

    I also don't give them pool water once the temps dip below freezing and stay there. if we get temps into 40 they get a cement mixing tub to play in. They do need a bucket deep enough to wash their faces in so I use heated buckets for that.
    They will get into a pool even when it's freezing we just don't want them sleeping in one when the temps dip below freezing.
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    They do not require heat....Shelter from all elements they do need....Straw to cuddle into.....Wind blocks....

    On warmer days I put the Kiddie pool in the sun and let them bath......Dump it after they are done...They oil up till the next time they can bath or just use the water bowls.....

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    In our case, a number of the Runners, who were about 8 months old going into winter, were showing signs of cold stress - stopped laying, feathers always ruffled, necks scrunched, walking stiff-legged, distant look in the eyes....

    I figured that they had not read the books that said they would be okay in below-freezing temperatures, and moved them to a shelter that remained 40F or above. Within 4 days, they were laying again, relaxed, running around normally.

    In short - it depends on the duck. Their behavior tells us what is working and what is not. Some flocks do fine, some flocks do not. In my case, about half the flock was failing to thrive until I got them into a warmer shelter.
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    Jul 17, 2016

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