Winter in Alabama


Aunt Kasey's Farm
9 Years
Mar 29, 2010
Scottsboro, AL
I live in Alabama it gets in the low teens some nights during the winter. my chickens are in Dog houses with lots of shavings i have 3 in one pen, 2 in another, and one with 4 babies in another. the babies are only 3 weeks. it hasnt got that cold yet do you think they will all be okay? should i put them in 1or 2 pens for warmth i have 2 roos and they dont get along
You live in a lovely part of the world. We have to prepare for vicious wind and snow, you can see in the links below. I suspect your neighbours will say you are set up for your winter, though. I'll follow with interest as they comment.
You should be just fine, as long as sleeping quarters can be shielded from the wind.
By the time it gets to be cold all day long (not just at night) those chicks will be older. With their mother around, I really wouldn't worry. Between her and plenty of shavings with a place to hide from drafts, they'll be just fine.
You should be fine. Make sure your chicken housing is not facing North, and that should be adequate for them. Mom will take care of those babies, just keep shavings dry and plentiful..she'll do the rest. By the time the real cold rolls around here those babies will be crowing or laying eggs

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