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    I have a small flock, 2 partridge chanteclers, 2 dominiques and 2 americaunas. My coop is 4'X4' and is raised 2.5' off the ground. I have some ventilation and use about 4" of pine shavings on the floor. My question is, Do I need to insulate the walls or floor? I live in Southwestern Ontario. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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    Boy I sure would if I was you! It would be really easy to do with that small a coop. When we had really cold weather last year (for us---15 degrees or less) I wrapped the coop with fiberglass bats, then covered those with tarps, making sure there was still ventilation. It seemed to make a difference, and I slept better. Also see if you can rig a thermometer inside that you can read without opening up the coop.
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    It would be a very good idea to insulate (especially with that number of chickens in that size coop), although you could get through the winter without it if you HAD to. Since you do not have to, and since insulation will make your life and your chickens' life MUCH easier, I would strongly recommend doing it [​IMG] Don't forget to insulate the ceiling too, and make sure not to interfere with your ventilation.

    Good luck, have fun,

    Pat, not quite an hour north of Toronto
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    You can make some small changes and make a big difference. Check out the info that Lynne and Pat have put together. You can also take a look at the threads that the three of us have been writing on. The three of us seem to like this topic. [​IMG]

    I haven't put together a BYC page yet, but you can look at my coop thread.
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