Winter is coming...


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
I had six birds raised from chicks since May. They were happily free ranging during the day and locked in the coop at night. One day three went on an "adventure". I don't know what nabbed them mid day but it was very sad. We are closing in on October and I worry that three birds in the coop won't stay cozy. I've made inquiry's about bringing 3-4 mature hens into the flock. I know I have to keep new birds quarantined for weeks outside the coop. Is it worth it or can three birds stay warm through the winter in a moderate sized coop?
They probably will be ok, as long as they have shelter in the coop, which I assume they do. They will huddle together at night and keep each other warm. Of course, the more birds in the coop, the warmer it will be as more body heat will be generated. But really it's your call.
Sorry you lost your three babies.
Thanks! We are in Ontario and the winters are typically -20 to -45 c. I have a heat lamp in the coop if it gets very chill. They seem so lost and lonely right now. Found someone with fantastic buff Chantecler hens and a white roo for sale! I'm really excited but need to figure out how to quarentine them for four weeks in chilly October.
You don't really need the heat lamp. If your coop is really well insulated, not a lot of ventilation and not large, you need to be careful with heat lamps because there are some kinds that can emit toxic fumes that are harmful to poultry.

Also, of course, heat lamps are a fire hazard. We occasionally use a heat lamp in the barn during VERY cold days in the the morning we will turn it on so they can warm up after a long cold night....but we never leave them on all night or when we are not home. And when the light is on, I check on it every hour, if I can, and I make sure it is over something that is non-flammable... Just too dangerous, and the birds are really fine without. You can always add extra insulation by stacking straw bales or whatever, depending on how your coop is laid out.

I hope you can get some new birds.
They sleep in the nesting boxes! Silly girls.
Anyway, I did get the chantecler hens and roo. The roo passed away the first week. Rather quickly (read overnight) his comb withered and eyes clouded and he was panting and still. I disposed of him :( and the ladies, though in full molt, seem to still be thriving. We. Are. At the end of an extended quarantine and plan to add them to the coop this week. I won't do a mature bird buy again. I'm far less attached to the new birds and the risk of disease is too worrisome. I am excited to expand the flock in the spring with chicks! Just debating what to get...

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