Winter Lighting - Solar Christmas Lights?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Stacykins, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    So I does anyone use solar Christmas lights as an light source for their birds to increase winter laying? I can't run an extension cord out to my coop, it is too far away to be feasible. Especially because most extension cords are for temporary use. So I started looking at the solar option. Most solar light fixtures available are flood lights that only work on movement, they don't stay on continuously. But, solar Christmas lights are meant to stay on for at least a few hours after sunset. At the hardware store I saw a rather inexpensive white solar Christmas lights for outdoor use, they turn on at sunset and off at dawn. Given the weak sunlight at this time of year, I bet they won't last the night, but will give the chooks that additional boost of light they need to lay.

    So should I go for it and jazz up my coop's windows with Christmas lights?
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    Hmmm good question. I went to a farm today and they were using battery operated lanterns. They said they then it on around dusk and off in the a.m around 8... They said the batteries last about a week...not sure if they were pulling my leg or not. So solar should work fine, they just need a little light.
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    That is what we were planning on. I have the solar operated garden lights that stake into the ground. We were planning on getting them in the coop this week. Hope it works! [​IMG]
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    Check the color spectrum on them first as the Red/Orange/Yellow spectrum such as a incandescent bulb or similar is best and most LED are Blue spectrum which is said to not stimulate the egg laying process as well.

    Here is an article dealing with this....

    Light For Laying Hens

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