Winter molt and frigid temperatures?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by KrisCVT, Dec 12, 2016.

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    I have a barred rock and a golden laced wyandotte going through a molt right now...and have me GLW is pretty raggedy looking...her entire head and neck is pretty much pin feathers. My concern is that we are expected to have VERY cold weather to come through Thursday into Friday (I am in Massachusetts). It will not get about over 20F during the day and will be single digits at night.

    My coop is 4x6, a window, seems to have decent ventilation (I just got a new thermometer with hygrometer so I will be on top of that...but last year did not have frostbite problems). Floor is shavings that are picked daily of poop, changed out totally every 10-14 days. I do keep a small water bowl inside in one of the unused nesting boxes....I feel bad that the hens have to share water with my messy ducks.

    I have been giving extra mealworms and BOSS in the afternoons (so they eat their food in the AM) and corn in the evening. They get Flock Raiser for a diet.

    Anyways, are my molting girls going to be okay? My coop is only 2-3 degrees warmer than the outside temp it seems. When they were free-ranging for a little bit this week during one of the colder days, I saw them shivering while outside. Thinking about putting a panel heater next to their roost. I have read a couple posts about people finding their birds dead from cold during a molt so now I am paranoid.......

  2. since chickens molt when it's cold they can stand the cold, mine just finished molting, and were fine when it was freezing. they just spent more time in the coop out of the wind.
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    They should be sounds pretty good for a molter.
    I have a molter right now too, she was doing a bit of shivering when we got our first cold snap a week or so ago....but she's fine now, might nestle down and rest more than usual but still pretty active and still pretty raggedy looking.

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